Beijing Boardroom Installation

TPGBeijing1_PostIn this custom boardroom installation by Audio Visual Design Group, a 103” wall-mounted plasma display provides images for computer and video conferencing. (2) Computer inputs (VGA with audio – 1/8” mini stereo) and (2) HDMI are provided at each end of the table. DVI and Mini HDMI adapters were provided to connect to the HDMI input. A DVD Blue-ray player was provided and located within the AV racks within the cabinetry below the plasma display. An integrated Cisco C60 video conferencing unit with a rack mounted HD codec and a pan-tilt-zoom HD camera was located inside a custom enclosure below the plasma display. The video conferencing unit also has the ability for multi-site video conferencing and premium resolution package features. The camera provided an image of people at the boardroom room table.

Program audio and audio conferencing was provided via ten (10) ceiling-recessed loudspeakers. This system provided highly intelligible, feedback elimination and natural sounding speech reproduction. (12) Tabletop microphones were used for boardroom attendees. The audio conferencing, digital voice telephone hybrid / mixer and audio power amplifier was mounted in the AV racks within the cabinetry below the plasma display.

An integrated programmable audiovisual remote control system for simple, automatic operation of the presentation equipment was provided. A central presentation color, wired LCD control panel is used to adjust system volume and audiovisual functions. The panel has a docking-station location on the table surface. This system provides control of the audio conferencing, HD video conferencing, presentation, drapes / blinds, lights, DVD Blue-ray machine transport controls and powering up and down of the entire system. We also provided the E-Control feature to remotely control the audiovisual system from a web page similar to the remote control panel on company’s network.