Home Theater Project

By 2010, our 1990s era big tube Zenith television, VCR,
early K-Mart version of a DVD player, and six-CD player stereo system were
definitely, already, outdated. At that point, what we thought to be our
entertainment system was now a “non” home entertainment center. The sound was
lousy, and we were limited in what movies we could watch—not to mention no
access to anything high-definition. What to do???

Now that we were empty nesters, our tech-savvy and tech
support son was no longer home to bail us out. We had a real, vague, general
idea of what we wanted, and that we wanted it to work so we could understand
how to make it work. No more of these multiple remote controls flailing around
the living room. My husband wanted a simple, one-button-touch-does-it-all
set-up. Did such a system exist? Was there anyone out there who knew how to do

When we met Robert Scharffer of Audio Visual Design Group,
he claimed to understand our predicament, our desires, and needs. This seemed
too good to be true. We laid it all out for him. Similar to working with an
architect or building contractor for a custom home, he listened to us and came
up with a plan to fit our room, our home, our budget, and our priorities. He
ordered all the elements and parts, from the HD screen to the wall mount, the
stereo receiver, speakers, and the Blu-Ray DVD player. He connected our Comcast
service, did a thorough surround sound set-up and sound check, and even set up
an Apple TV wireless router so now we can access all our photos, home videos,
and iTunes music from our main house computer, and enjoy them on our HDTV with
the surround sound system. To make it even better, all this is available with
just a touch on a visible, touch screen remote, that does all the connection
work by itself. It is also reassuring, because the remote actually talks to
you, with real English words via its screen, should something not connect
properly, and then proceeds to fix the problem by itself, so that all systems
are “go”! It is truly amazing, painless, and it works!

It really is not worth the time, money, and agony that a
non-techie person can expend attempting to install such system by his or
herself. Robert Scharffer of AVDG is an extremely gifted and competent expert
in this field. You can’t help but be satisfied with his work, and content to
enjoy your home entertainment.