Month: December 2012

Home Automation Tour and Crash Course

Automation systems put control of your entire home in your hands. This solution is perfect for homes with lots of square footage and rooms that are full of electronics. Watch this video from to learn more about how an automation system could improve your home.

The video starts with an overview of the automation system wiring. Next, the host shows viewers the interface that controls the automation system. This advanced automation system even controls the home’s light switches.

AVDG Technology Inc. can equip your home with a state-of-the-art automation system. Our installations allow users to control their entire homes with a single remote control. Call us at (312) 829-9145 to learn more about other high-tech upgrades like motorized windows and teleconferencing technology.

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Top 5 Home Automation Features

Home automation lets you control all the technology in your home from a central location, improve the safety of your home, and reduce energy costs. Learn how you can enhance your home and saving money by checking out these popular automation options….

Closing In On The Holy Grail of Home Theater

Check out this great article from Home Theater Review!  Have you ever wanted to watch first run movies the day they come out from the comfort of your own home?  With the Bel Air Circuit you can!

“Have you ever heard the term “The Bel Air Circuit“? For the 300 people out of Earth’s 7,000,000,000 who have the studio connections and a compliant D-Cinema commercial “home theater” in their homes, the Bel Air Circuit allows one to watch first-run movies as a day and date release. Interested in seeing Skyfall, the new Bond film? Just call up and order the same hard drive that a Cineplex would order, and you are in business. Have a 2K or 4K projector? Then you are going to see at home – pixel for pixel – the same master quality version of the movie that’s running in a commercial theater.

Today, this is about the coolest idea to hit home theater, but then again, it’s only relevant to those people who can get the studio accommodation that allows them access to the content, and they are, respectfully, a tiny audience of very connected Hollywood and tech types. To use a golf analogy, it’s the Augusta invite for the world of home theater, as there are about 250 members at Augusta National and chances to play there don’t come up too often, but when they do, it’s not something that you’d want to miss.”

To read the rest of the article visit If you are looking for information on our home cinema solutions please give us a call at (312) 829-9145!

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