Month: July 2013

Vote For AVDG Technology Inc. In The Intuit Small Business Big Game Contest!

Every year, some of the world’s biggest brands pay top dollar to feature their brand during the Big Game. Getting a spot is highly competitive, and for good reason. The live TV audience on game day has reached upwards of 121 million viewers! Because of the high demand, the commercials that run are usually for huge national corporations, but this year, AVDG could be among them. The winner of the Intuit Small Business Big Game Contest will receive a 30-second TV commercial that will run during the Big Game! So we invite you to read our story and share this link with your friends.  Thank you for your support!


AVDG was started in 1999 with it’s first sale. We then bought a printer and throughout the next few years we funded the business on profits from sales coming in. We moved from the living room of my house to a small office, to a tad bit larger office. We have 22 co-workers here and everyone works hard to make us who we are today. We specialize in residential and commercial automation systems. Most people know it as a “Smart Home”or a “Smart Office”. Our goal everyday is to get better at what we do and help make our clients lives more fun and simpler with the technology they use everyday!

Check out our entry and vote!

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The Boys Are Back: Building Houses in Haiti

Recently, our very own David Welles returned from a week-long trip to Haiti, where he and a few other great men built houses for those in need. Here is an article from Lucky Magazine that outlines the trip and the great work these men do. For more information or to read the entire article please visit

“Many of us are guilty of spending a lot of time (generally in the shower) thinking about ways in which we are able to make a difference in the world and improve the lives of those who are less fortunate. Unfortunately for many of us – these thoughts remain in our brains are never turned into actions 🙁

However – there is a group of outstanding men who in partnership with two equally outstanding businesses, AVDG Technology and Hillshire Brands have turned their thoughts into actions and are changing the lives of the people in Haiti.

Today (24 January) the following group of men left for Haiti to build two houses for families are less fortunate than they are: Bill Rancic, Jon Harris, Bert Connolly, Steven Salawich, Ari Goldman and David Welles. This group is made up of the most selfless men that you could possibly ever meet.

They’re going to a different country to upgrade the lifestyles of some of its citizens and expect nothing in return. No recognition. Nothing


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