Month: August 2013

Spotlight on Climate Control Systems

If you’re looking to save energy and money at your home or business, consider installing a climate control system. These systems provide you with added control over a normal thermostat, giving you the option to manipulate the temperature at any…

Examining How Burglars Use Social Media to Target Your House

Social media is a great way to connect with friends, family, and coworkers throughout the world. But when you update your Facebook status or post a tweet about your location, you’re also signaling to the world that you are not at home. Unfortunately, this is just what burglars are hoping for.

This news report from KETV describes how criminals can use your social networking updates to determine when and where to strike next. You’ll also learn about a website that can help you assess how safe your updates are.

To keep your home safe when you’re gone, depend on the home security and automation experts at AVDG Technology, Inc. As Chicago’s premier residential and commercial automation technology installers, we specialize in remote access, surveillance, and custom security systems for the home and workplace. Call (312) 829-9145 to learn more about our home security and automation offerings.

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Conserving Energy in Your Office

Office automation equipment is not just helpful for helping your business run smoothly and comfortably—it’s also a great way to maintain the comfort of your office space while curbing energy costs. Shrinking your electric bill is a basic …

Find the Right Lighting Intensity for Your Kitchen

 Choosing the right lighting scheme for your kitchen is essential to creating a safe and comfortable cooking environment. The right combination of lights includes task, ambient, and accent lighting strategically placed throughout the kitchen, illuminating every part of your kitchen as needed.

This video from HGTV has some great advice on how to design your kitchen lighting system during a kitchen remodel. You’ll learn how different types of lights should be used throughout the kitchen, as well as how different lighting components can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your lights.

For comprehensive home lighting and automation services, talk to the residential lighting experts at AVDG Technology, Inc. We specialize in lighting design systems that give you comprehensive control over the lights and technology in your kitchen, living room, office, and beyond. Call (312) 829-9145 to learn more about our home automation products and services.

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