Month: May 2014

A Look at Your Smart Lighting Options

Lighting performs many functions in your home. It creates moods and ambiance, allows you to perform tasks, and even keeps you safer. However, different kinds of lights are right for different kinds of activities. How do you control them all?

Top Reasons to Automate Your Home

Home automation is becoming the new norm. More and more homeowners are seeking out ways to use modern technology to make their houses safer and more comfortable. If you’ve been considering home automation but haven’t made the leap ye…

A Look at the Rising Popularity of Home Automation

Home automation is no longer a novelty that only a few can afford. Now, it is the future of home design and becoming something that buyers insist upon having. Lower costs and easier implementation has led many homeowners to demand automation.

This video examines the growing popularity of home automation and some of the benefits it provides. With the help of automation, you can stay in control of your home from wherever you are. You are able to boost home safety and comfort right from your smartphone or other electronic device.

AVDG Technology Inc. can help commercial and residential clients alike tap into the benefits of home automation. Find out more about our smart home systems by calling our Chicago office at (312) 386-7219. 

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