3 benefits of automated motorized window shades

on 01.19.13

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Utilizing natural light to your advantage will expand the appeal of your home décor and make it easier to do what you want inside the house. Enhance your lifestyle with smart home systems that give you control over your interior. When you automate your window shades, you can:

optimize your home theater experience

Automated motorized window shades let you take your home theater experience to the next level. With the simple touch of a button, you can change the amount of natural light in the room. Home automation allows you to completely block sunlight when you want to watch a movie or let some filtered sunshine in when you are enjoying your favorite television shows.

keep your furniture and flooring safe from the sun

Too much direct sunlight can wreak havoc on your interior. Before UV light damages your furniture and flooring, install automated motorized window shades. This extra barrier of protection will keep your interior safe. Set the shades to lower when the sun is shining directly inside so you can avoid issues with fading.

use natural light to set a mood

With automated window shades, you can change the amount of natural light in a room with the seasons. Whether you want to filter the strong rays of summer or let in as much winter light as you can, motorized window treatments make it easy to control how much light a particular room receives at any point during the day.

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