3 Business Sectors That Benefit From Automated AV Solutions

on 06.10.22

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Automated AV solutions can transform commercial spaces into stunning, tech-powered environments, while also making them more convenient, interactive, and productive.


At AVDG, we’ve seen first-hand how organizations can benefit from a wide range of AV solutions, such as video conferencing, digital signage, and theater systems, just to name a few. And the great thing is that each industry leverages these technologies in ways that are unique to their needs. 

In this post, we look at 3 industries to explore how automated AV solutions can support their operations. 

1) Real Estate Management / Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs)

Today’s upscale condominiums and apartment buildings are hard-pressed to find ways to attract and retain tenants. As such, the developers and managers of these environments must create living spaces that are more comfortable, intuitive, and aligned with the lifestyles of residents.

This is where automated AV solutions can make an enormous impact.

Audio-visual and automation systems help to modernize MDUs and create attractive amenities that raise the value of the property.

Here are some examples: 

  • AV solutions in shared spaces: Today’s tenants are looking for living spaces that extend beyond the confines of their units and create a greater sense of community within the building. This can be achieved by creating unique shared spaces, such as theater rooms, game rooms, gyms, and kitchens. Audio-visual solutions bring these spaces to life with HD video displays, distributed audio systems, golf simulators, and other tech designed for entertainment, fitness, and relaxation.
  • Automation in residences: In addition to in-home AV solutions like those in the shared spaces, a wide range of automated technology can also enhance the individual units in a condominium. This includes bespoke window shading that is motorized and automated by schedule, routine, or sensors. Or automated lighting that can be controlled by voice or the tap of a button on a smartphone. Or numerous other smart devices, including locks, security, and climate systems, which can be fully integrated into a connected ecosystem.

2) Higher Education

The classroom is rapidly evolving, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Today’s colleges and universities are looking for new ways to deliver a high-quality education to students no matter where they are, on campus or thousands of miles away. Audio-visual technology can support and enhance the learning experience in a myriad of ways.

At AVDG, we equip higher-education institutions with robust AV systems that allow students and professors to connect, collaborate, and flourish. 

Here’s how:

  • Remote-learning technology: More than a mere video call, today’s remote-learning systems are designed to facilitate engagement between professors and participants all over the world. This is made possible with cutting-edge digital classrooms, powered by HD cameras, microphones, and dependable video-conferencing software. Educators maintain total control over the instruction, while students can interact, participate, and get the same quality of education they would receive if they were in the classroom.
  • Lectures, presentations, and auditorium AV: From small seminar rooms to expansive lecture halls, the right audio-visual systems make all the difference. Each of these learning environments can be enhanced with technology that improves communication and clarity of presentations, such as 360-degree cameras that capture every moment, bidirectional microphones and speakers, custom lecterns with confidence monitors, integrated lighting control, and more. 

3) Marketing, Advertising & PR

Marketing agencies are fast-moving environments that require seamless communication and collaboration between a variety of teams. (And although we’re focusing on the marketing industry here, these operational demands can be applied to numerous other sectors.) 

Automated AV solutions enable these teams to thrive, using technology that fosters productivity, efficiency, and higher morale. Audio-visual systems bring the spaces to life, while supporting a new era of hybrid work.

Here are just a few of the possibilities:

  • Automated meeting rooms: Robust video-conferencing systems can be integrated with automated devices inside the room to improve meeting efficiency, comfort, and clarity. For example, exterior touchscreens can be used to schedule a room and display when meetings are in progress. Interior tabletop screens can kick off meetings with the tap of a button and trigger lights to dim and shades to descend. Meanwhile, cameras and microphones can be positioned around the room to capture every participant and ensure that remote workers can clearly see and hear every moment. Additional unified communication tools enable marketing teams to easily share, review, and edit files in real time, even while the meeting is underway.
  • Digital signage: Brightly lit signage can enhance virtually any part of the office. It’s a powerful tool for elevating reception areas, making the office more attractive to visitors, guests, and employees. Inside the office, signage can also be leveraged to display important messages, announce events, share schedules, stream video from all-hands meetings, or even play a movie.
  • Game rooms & cinemas: The ultimate perk. Businesses are increasingly adding game rooms, movie theaters, and other shared spaces to offices to make the workday more fun and rewarding. These environments are brought to life with state-of-the-art video projectors, ultra-high-definition TVs, and cinema-quality sound systems. Employees benefit hugely from the downtime, and they feel more appreciated by their employer for offering these perks.

See How Your Business Can Benefit

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