3 ways automated smart shades transform your space

on 09.03.21

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When was the last time you truly assessed the window treatments in your home or office?

The windows are an important aspect of any property, widely considered one of the most critical design factors in the overall footprint of a home or office. Simply put, they help set the tone for a particular space or layout — and it should go without saying that certain types of window treatments can truly enhance this tone. One increasingly popular and modernized window treatment is automated smart shades, adorned mainly for their sleek style and ability to customize how much natural light certain parts of a property get at various times of the day.

At AVDG, we’ve installed more than 2,500 motorized window treatments in homes and offices throughout the country. Here’s a look at three ways they can help transform your space:

1. perfect ambiance

Tired of having to open the window shades in the morning and draw them again at night? What about managing how much sunlight certain areas in your home or office get throughout the day, when heat gain can make it uncomfortable, and the glare on screens can make it difficult to focus? There’s also the risk of fabric fading from UV light.

One of the greatest advantages of automated smart shades is that they’re optimized to provide ideal lighting conditions at all hours of the day. You can program automated smart shades to open at a certain time every morning, close at a specific time every night, and adjust accordingly throughout the day based on sensors that detect the amount of available light at any given time.

Smart shades don’t just improve the ambiance in your home or office, but they can also contribute to a healthy property too. Exposure to healthy amounts of natural sunlight helps the human body produce Vitamin D, improves sleeping patterns, heightens focus, and it is even linked to mood improvements.

Finally, smart shades can also help improve energy efficiency in your property.

2. comfort and convenience

Another great benefit of smart shades is that they make it easy to maintain a comfortable environment in your home or office. Aside from programmable options, smart shades can be controlled via a smartphone, tablet, or smart speaker, making them easy and convenient to manage for just about anyone.

Forget to adjust your shade settings while you’re away from home on a business trip or vacation with the family? Just pull up the smartphone app and make your changes. Want to alter the times that your shades open in the morning or close in the evening based on the time of year and the sun’s position in the sky? It’s easy and convenient to do right from an app or the control console.

3. aesthetics

Finally, smart shades can add a stunning look to your home or office space and are available in numerous styles to match your space’s aesthetic. Aside from the convenience associated with their automation, they’re simply beautiful. From sleek, minimalist and modern to traditional patterns, these shades come in a wide range of colors and styles, so you can ensure your selection matches the décor of your property.

What’s more, today’s best smart shades operate silently, so you’ll hardly notice a sound when they’re opening or closing. AVDG offers smart shade systems from top brands like Lutron, which are among the quietest and highest quality on the market. Available in widths ranging from 20 to 144 inches and heights ranging from 12 to 144 inches, they can be designed to fit just about any window in your property.

Simply put, smart shades take your home or business space to a new level.

the AVDG difference

At AVDG, we approach every project with the understanding that each space is unique. It’s why we don’t treat any two projects the same, but instead take a customized approach to ensure that the design and technology that we implement is catered to the particular needs of the client. Our shading designers work closely with you to understand your vision and advise you on solutions that will truly elevate your environment.

As experienced professionals in the audio-visual space, we pride ourselves on delivering on-time and on-budget projects, and nine out of every 10 customers that we serve work with us on additional projects. What’s more is that our work isn’t done after your project is complete. We offer both email and phone support, including guaranteed remote support within a half hour. We also offer emergency on-site support every day of the week, with priority on-site support available within 24 hours. Contact us today to learn more about the AVDG difference and to book your free smart shade consultation today.