3 Ways Commercial Surveillance Systems Increase Employee Satisfaction

on 05.27.22

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Commercial surveillance systems provide an essential layer of security for businesses, helping them keep an eye on their premises and also deter theft.

But did you know that the presence of security cameras can also make employees feel more satisfied in the workplace?

There is a common misperception that surveillance systems can erode trust in employees if they feel they are being “watched” by their employers. But in reality, when the real reasons for these systems (their security) are properly communicated to staff, it has the opposite outcome: employees gain trust in their employer and feel they work for a company that cares about their safety and wellbeing. This leads to increased employee satisfaction, which can further benefit the organization in a number of ways.

At AVDG, we have extensive experience designing and installing commercial surveillance systems for businesses across the United States. And we’ve seen first-hand how these systems can have a positive impact in the workplace, beyond the core security benefits. Here are 3 ways that it happens:

1) Better Protection and Peace of Mind

The mere presence of a commercial surveillance system can make potential burglars think twice about robbing a business. The cameras act as a deterrence that ultimately prevents theft and keeps employees safe.

This gives employees greater peace of mind knowing that the systems will help to scare off would-be thieves. And in the event that a crime does occur, it will be clearly captured. Employees thus feel more comfortable, protected, and satisfied in the workplace. In contrast, at businesses with no security cameras in place (particularly high-traffic retail environments), employees are more likely to feel vulnerable, exposed, and at risk.

2) Greater Accountability 

No business wants to think that their employees are capable of theft, but it happens in almost every industry. Research suggests that, on average, businesses lose 5% of their annual revenue due to internal theft. 

In businesses without a commercial surveillance system in place, situations involving internal theft can quickly become toxic. Fingers are pointed; accusations are made; and disputes between coworkers and their managers can turn nasty.

It doesn’t have to be this way. The installation of security cameras helps to ensure accountability and fairness so that employees can work together in trust. In the event that internal theft occurs, employees can rest easy knowing that the cameras will likely capture the incident. This eliminates fears of angry disputes, making staff feel more comfortable and at ease in their jobs.

3) Increased Productivity

Productivity is often viewed as a managerial objective, but in reality, your best employees love a productive work environment, too. A more productive workplace helps people thrive in their jobs and feel fulfilled. In contrast, a lack of productivity or feelings of apathy from coworkers can kill workplace morale. 

This is another area where commercial surveillance systems can make a surprising impact. The presence of security cameras helps to “raise the bar,” effectively reminding employees that they are accountable for their own productivity (or lack thereof). Again, it’s important to communicate to employees that the core objective of camera systems is their safety and security, not for “making sure they do their jobs.” But the presence of the cameras has an additional, unspoken effect of encouraging work ethic. 

Remember: your most motivated employees are the ones who most appreciate the surveillance system. They want their peers to be as productive and prolific as themselves, rather than feeling they are carrying the weight of others. A commercial surveillance system thus helps to increase employee satisfaction by reminding workers that everyone is on the same team. 

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