3 ways smart systems boost office productivity

on 04.01.22

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The modern workplace has changed permanently since as much as 40% of the private sector plans to offer remote work options to employees beyond the pandemic. Not only are employees telecommuting more often to work, but more meetings with clients and stakeholders are being held virtually as well.

The organizations that thrive in this new era will need to stay on top of technological advances that enhance collaboration and productivity. At AVDG, we work with our partners to develop smart systems in the office that help teams communicate and work more efficiently, whether they’re working in person or remotely. Here are three ways the right technology can boost your office’s productivity.

1. clear communication

When you’re communicating via phone or video, it’s vital to have uninterrupted, high-quality sound, video, and file sharing, with equipment and software that’s easy to use. What’s more, meeting equity is important; everyone should have the ability to communicate clearly whether they are sitting across the table or are speaking through a screen.

AVDG equips offices with the necessary hardware, including microphones, speakers, cameras, and software applications the enable remote conferencing and file sharing. When we install smart conferencing systems, we consider lighting, acoustics, seating, and other factors in the meeting room to enhance the experience for everyone present.

We can also enable lightning-speed network connections to power your smart office systems and ensure your teams are communicating effectively in real time (no more choppy videos or garbled sound). All these components can be automated and controlled easily so that employees can focus on communication without technological hindrance.

2. integrated technologies

In the early days of remote work and video conferencing, technology could be a hindrance because everyone had different devices, applications, and know-how when it came to using them. But those kinds of glitches are no longer acceptable for the future-oriented organization.

To have a productive hybrid workforce, smart system integration is vital. AVDG works with its partners to upgrade their systems so that all users can log in, communicate, and collaborate with ease. We’ll equip your office with integrated software solutions as well as user interfaces that put everyone on the same page, whether they’re accessing a meeting in person or online.

With this kind of technology in place, a team member can do a presentation in a meeting room and easily share their slide deck and other files with others in the room and those who are connecting remotely. They can utilize a smart board that others can access on their own devices. They can update their presentation files as they go, and others can see the changes in real time. All of this can be shared remotely as well—a truly integrated experience for everyone who logs in.

AVDG can also “future proof” your technology and keep it up to date so that your teams aren’t left behind in the ever-evolving information economy.

And, with BYOD video conferencing, teams can easily switch between different conferencing platforms using the room’s product-agnostic hardware, rather than being tethered to a single system.

3. dynamic meeting spaces

Imagine walking up to a room at your scheduled meeting time. You see your name on the schedule posted on the panel outside the door. It unlocks for you automatically and sets the lighting and window shading based on your preferences and the time of day, to optimize energy and comfort. If you need to make an adjustment, you can do so with just a couple of taps on the touchscreen interface.

You easily access the meeting room’s presentation technology, which includes a projector, microphone, speakers, and smartboard. It all connects seamlessly with your laptop’s software applications. As team members arrive, they automatically connect their devices so that they can see your presentation and take notes, even while you update it in real-time.

A few people need to connect to this meeting remotely, which they can do quickly and easily. Their faces are visible to those present, and their voices are heard clearly, with minimal lag. They can also share files with those present. When the meeting ends and the participants leave, the room automatically shuts down to conserve energy.

This is what a meeting can be like in a dynamic space that adjusts automatically based on what the users need. Less time is wasted on getting comfortable and connected; more time is spent on what your organization does best.

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