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Now more than ever, our homes play a fundamental role in how we feel. AVDG is reinventing what it means to live well with research-backed solutions that bring wellness to any living space. Transform your environment with an intuitive system that enhances energy, sleep, performance, and overall well-being.

AVDG air purification technology

wellness in uncertain times

Subtle elements in our physical environments have an enormous impact on our health. Lighting, air, and water quality all play a role in our well-being, even when we leave the home. And, as our homes increasingly serve as learning environments and remote-work spaces during these unprecedented times, maintaining optimal health is essential.

AVDG’s integrated solutions from Delos™ target and enhance essential indoor environmental elements as a whole system, including: air – water – light – sound – thermal quality – sleep

AVDG dynamic lighting technology

how it works

Our residential wellness technology is a fully automated solution that prioritizes your health and wellness within the physical environment. The system intuitively responds to the conditions in your home, purifying your air and water, providing dynamic lighting, and adjusting other environmental elements for a measurable impact on your family’s everyday well-being.

AVDG home wellness technology

backed by science

AVDG’s wellness solutions by Delos™ are informed by extensive research and development. As a certified Delos™ dealer, AVDG leverages research data from building and health sciences to create customized solutions that improve health and wellness in any home environment.

environmental health impact:

  • cardiovascular
  • respiratory
  • immune
  • cognitive
  • sleep
AVDG wellness home

leading wellness solutions

AVDG’s leading wellness solutions include:

  • enhanced home air quality
  • reduced transmission of airborne contaminants
  • purified, better-tasting water with impurities filtered out
  • dynamic lighting to restore your body’s natural rhythms
  • automated thermal comfort for optimal indoor temperature
  • ambient sound for improved mood, performance, and sleep

discover the wellness smart home

breathe & relax

Filter out the airborne contaminants that are a daily threat to your health. Our integrated system removes pollutants, toxins, and pathogens from the air and eliminates odors too.

brighten your day

Our dynamic lighting solution is designed to replicate natural light patterns, helping your body maintain its circadian rhythm. This can play a vital role on your energy levels, sleep, appetite, hormone balance, and productivity.

sleep well

Enjoy a deeper, more restful sleep with automated thermal comfort, transitional lighting, and sound ambiance that helps minimize disturbances, reduce light exposure, and help you wake up feeling energized every day.

have peace of mind

Eliminate the harmful contaminants and impurities that are making your water unhealthy to drink. Discover an advanced purification solution that delivers cleaner, better-tasting water throughout your home.