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on 03.01.20

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Securing access control in a commercial environment is vital to protecting property and people. AVDG offers forward-thinking solutions to keep your organization safe, using technology that is intuitive, streamlined, and easily integrated with existing automation and networking systems.

security redefined

Streamline your organization’s building-access processes, while maximizing security. Advanced access control systems from AVDG give you real-time control and visibility over the people entering your building, even when you’re miles away. Remotely communicate with visitors and delivery teams. Open doors with the tap of a button.Grant access to employees and log data from key fobs, smart cards, or mobile devices. Our access-control experts will help you identify the right solution for your needs.

more control

Businesses in every industry require dependable security to protect their people, assets, and intellectual property. AVDG’s commercial access control solutions strengthen your defensive systems and make them easier to manage. At a glance, approved personnel can control access points, alarms, communication systems and live video feeds, enhancing security and safety everywhere on the property. We can also strengthen the security of the network that powers your access control systems, providing an additional layer of protection against unauthorized access.

for any environment

From a single location to sprawling corporate campuses and industrial sites, our systems can be customized and scaled to fit any commercial environment. Securely manage access to entrances, loading docks, sensitive areas, or every room in a building. We use the most trusted technology brands that can adapt to changes and can be scaled up when you’re ready to expand your operations.

automated & on demand

Several features are available that make secure access simple and intuitive. Configure your system to automatically grant access based on approved personnel, schedules, and other criteria.

When unexpected visitors arrive, you can lock and unlock doors on demand, from anywhere using your mobile device. View live video and audio of your entrances, with the ability to communicate with those at the door using our two-way audiovisual intercom system.

smart-office integration

AVDG’s access control systems can be integrated with numerous other smart-office technologies. Maximize your security and conveniences with connected video surveillance, climate control, lighting, and other systems, controlled from a single, easy-to-use touchscreen interface.With a fully automated system you can rest at ease knowing that your property and assets are sufficiently monitored and protected.

fully customized, expert protection

Since 1996, AVDG has installed hundreds of commercial access control and security systems for businesses in numerous industries. Our skilled professionals meet with you to identify your unique security needs and design a fully customized solution that will bring enhanced security, efficiency, and control to your operations. We’ll oversee the project from design to installation, and make sure that your team knows how to operate it.

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If you’re looking to step up your commercial security and access control systems, contact us to explore your options. We’ll walk you through the available technology to help you discover the ideal solutions based on your needs.
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