Alexa & Crestron make the perfect pair for voice control

on 06.15.19

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You may be familiar with Amazon Alexa, one of the most popular voice command services available today. An Alexa-enabled smart speaker can play music, read audio books, announce weather forecasts, and tell you about your commute.

Crestron Electronics is a leader in home and office automation and control. Products from this vendor allow you to remotely monitor and control your home theater, lights, window shades, security cameras, and more.

What if you could use the power of Alexa voice control with the features of your Crestron home automation system? When you connect the two, you can! Sync Alexa and Crestron, and your voice alone will command the world around you.

As a certified Crestron installer, AVDG is equipped to enhance your home or office with automated lighting, temperature control, security features, and audio/visual solutions. We use your wish list as a guide to ensure you get the perfect solutions for your needs. Once we have completed the upgrade, your interior will be transformed into one of ease and efficiency.

Alexa & Crestron at home

With Crestron devices installed throughout your house, you can manage lighting, temperature, media, and other features with the touch of a button. Then, when you sync Crestron with Alexa Voice Service, your home responds to your every voice command. Want to open the blinds, turn down the temperature, or power on the TV? You need only ask.

Alexa and Crestron make even more impressive partners when you set up “themes.” These are events that occur simultaneously right when you need them.

For instance, picture walking in the front door with your arms full of groceries. Instead of fumbling with your keys and the light switch, wouldn’t it be nice if your house could lend a hand? With Alexa and Crestron, all you need to say is, “Alexa, turn on Welcome,” and your programmed theme initiates—the entryway lights turn on, your favorite music starts playing, and the door locks itself behind you.

Another time to utilize the power of Alexa and Crestron is during the hectic dinner hour. You’re scrambling to get the meal on the table, and the kids still haven’t come downstairs. When it’s time to sit down, simply say, “Alexa, Time for Dinner.” The chandelier dims to 60%, background music starts playing, and the kids receive an announcement from the multi-room speaker system that dinner is ready.

At night, you climb into bed and realize you forgot to lock up for the night. Don’t bother getting up or reaching for your mobile device—saying, “Alexa, Goodnight,” shuts off all the lights and TVs, locks the doors, and arms the security system.

Alexa & Crestron at the office

Collaboration and conference room technology from Crestron is designed to increase workflow and uptime while making your office more comfortable and convenient. Integration with Alexa for Business makes it easy to operate audio/video systems, lighting and shades, thermostats, room scheduling, and data reporting with natural, conversational voice commands.

Start meetings smoothly and quickly by saying, “Alexa, start my meeting.” The lights dim, the shades close, the necessary equipment boots up, and everything is ready to go. Your meeting will start on time, and everyone can focus on your presentation with no glitches in the process to slow you down. Say, “Alexa, end my meeting,” and the room resets.

If you think Crestron home and office automation is the solution to your needs, AVDG can help with the installation process. Our technicians have advanced knowledge of Crestron’s products and can recommend the ideal configuration to help you accomplish your smart home goals. Then, we can ensure the system is properly synced with Alexa Voice Service or Alexa for Business to provide effortless voice control of your entire home or office.

For help creating the perfect home automation experience with Alexa and Crestron, please contact AVDG today.