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“For some people, the word “start-up” calls to mind a very specific type of employee: probably young, male, and an engineer. But that stereotype is becoming less and less true, and Jen Nguyen has made it part of her mission to prove it.

Nguyen, the head of workplace at the visual discovery app Pinterest, is passionate about start-ups. She’s also passionate about sharing her experience with her peers that people in a variety of careers—and not just engineers—can have rewarding careers at start-ups. “I didn’t need to be an engineer to work for a start-up company,” she says. “I still had the same experience and the same career path as a non-engineer, which has been so fulfilling for me.”

Nguyen didn’t always know that she’d end up in a role like her current one. When she landed at job at tech company SGI after receiving her MBA, “I thought I’d landed the job of my dreams,” she says. “I was so excited to be working for a company like this, working in a cubicle.” But after only a week in her role Nguyen realized that she was so unmotivated and uninspired to be working behind a desk. She eventually left that role.”

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