audio and video distribution for your smart office

on 09.15.18

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If you operate a collaborative business, the work environment benefits when it’s easy to communicate ideas and metrics with one another. It’s also important to have a method for giving presentations to clients and partners without awkwardly fumbling with equipment or experiencing embarrassing tech glitches.

Harness the potential to share more with audio and video distribution systems from AVDG. We can turn your business into a “smart office” by giving you the ability to direct audio and video to any room in the building, all from a single device. The end result is a reliable, impactful and easy-to-use audio/video solution you’ll use every day.

applications for video distribution in your smart office

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Convey messages quickly and effectively with video displays. Here are some ways you can apply video distribution in your smart office:

  • show off employee work: Encourage employees to display their work in progress by outfitting each desk with a large, high-definition display. Then, when coworkers walk by, stimulating conversations ensue. This same technique can be used to share new ideas over lunch without clumsily passing a mobile device around. There’s perhaps no better way to bounce ideas off each other.
  • display company photos: Want to boost morale? Set up a slideshow of photos from recent company events. It’s refreshing to let loose and laugh a little at the candid shots from office parties and outings. And with an HDTV or monitor doing the work, everyone can see the photos clearly.
  • share company metrics: Equip your office with metric dashboards to keep employees motivated. By seeing how close they are to reaching the weekly, monthly or quarterly goal, your employees will band together to increase their productivity. You can set metric dashboards to refresh at desired intervals to keep the office up-to-date.
  • allow guests to interact: Touch screens in your hotel lobby, museum, doctor’s office, car dealership, retail outlet or other customer-centric business provides a way for guests to get interactive. The “smart” features of your office ensure that customer inputs are immediately sent to the correct person. This impresses your guests as you meet their needs quickly and accurately.
  • facilitate video conferencing: With a robust network serving as the backbone of your audio and video distribution system, your video conferencing solution can better support communications with clients, employees and partners across the globe. Less lag and higher-quality video and audio connections improve the effectiveness of your virtual meetings.

applications for audio distribution in your smart office

Great visuals need stunning audio. Consider these applications for utilizing audio distribution in your smart office:

  • play ambient music: Soft background music is a simple yet effective tool for boosting employee morale and improving productivity. The trick is to accomplish uniform sound distribution throughout the office at a suitable volume for everyone. Assuming you don’t want a mess of cables draped across the walls, this requires multiple wireless speakers. AVDG can design and install a custom sound system for your office.
  • set up a paging system: Make sure your staff and employees connect at just the right time with a convenient, easy-to-use paging system. Professional design and installation from AVDG ensures you end up with speakers, intercoms and paging equipment that suit your building’s needs and budget.

benefits of smart office audio and video distribution

Consider these reasons to switch from your current setup to a professional office AV solution from AVDG:

  • eliminate redundancies: If your office has more than one conference room or meeting area, you probably have a separate presentation setup for each one. This results in unnecessary costs and bulky equipment that takes up more space than needed. Solutions from AVDG eliminate duplicate technology while still allowing you to put your best face forward, no matter where you hold your next presentation.
  • come across professionally: Whether your goal is to make your employees proud of where they work or to wow new clients when they walk in the door, the seamless integration of audio and video devices is sure to help you accomplish your objectives.
  • control media from anywhere with a single device: It’s time to scrap that stack of remotes and cluttered wall controls. AVDG creates media control solutions for your entire office using a simple touch screen, remote, keypad or mobile device. The simplicity will have you sighing with relief.
  • automate your boardroom: Impress clients and improve productivity with “smart” settings on your room control device. For instance, with a press of the programmed “presentation” button, the lights automatically dim, blackout shades lower and video display turns on – there’s no awkward fumbling with equipment or wasted time walking around the room performing these tasks manually.
  • expand your centralized distribution system: The key to powering a smart office is a centralized hub or control room. This allows for less clutter and equipment throughout the office and makes it easy to control every function from a single location. Plus, expansion is easy, since each new device is merely another node added to the existing network.
  • improve virtually every aspect of your business: When designed and implemented correctly, audio and video distribution can bolster your advertising efforts, training procedures, entertainment value and even security measures. The opportunities are practically limitless!

Creating a simple yet powerful audio/video setup is the key to pushing your business beyond your current boundaries. You can set the mood throughout the office with ambient music, reap the rewards of improved communication between coworkers, streamline your presentation process to impress and land new clients, and much more!

To learn more about how our audio and video distribution systems can benefit your Chicago office, please contact AVDG today at 888-505-1922.