AV solutions for safe outdoor gatherings

on 09.22.20

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The coronavirus pandemic has forced schools and organizations to rethink their approach to gatherings. While remote learning and digital communication has played an important role, many organizations will still prefer to bring people together in-person, when feasible. This is particularly true for K-12 schools and higher-education institutions that are struggling to restore some normality this semester.

To limit the risk of viral transmission, the CDC advises that all gatherings should be held outdoors when possible. Outdoor spaces reduce the chances of airborne droplets from hanging in the air and spreading to others. The challenge, however, is making these spaces conducive to learning, instruction, and communication. Educators, businesses, and places of worship need to be able to quickly create an outdoor environment in which participants can easily hear and see the person speaking.

This is where outdoor audio-visual solutions from AVDG can provide an effective solution.

the need for portable systems that are easy to set up

AVDG provides a range of AV solutions to support outdoor gatherings of any size or purpose, enabling attendees to adhere to social distancing guidelines in a safer, open-air environment.
These systems are highly portable and easy to set up, so that they can be quickly installed, dismantled, and relocated as needed. They’re an effective solution for schools that need to create outdoor classrooms for elementary, secondary, and university education, as well as for places of worship, entertainment, seminars, clinics, and business gatherings.

There are several optional AV components that can enhance the outdoor experience, making it more accessible and productive for everyone in attendance.

outdoor displays

For presentations to be effective, there needs to be a display that engages the audience and is easy to see. AVDG can design a high-resolution outdoor display with projectors, outdoor video displays, or large LED video walls. We can also help you with lighting so that viewing is optimized from the most angles possible.

Whether you’re hosting an outdoor worship service, a seminar, or other class that requires a screenshare, slideshow, or video feed, a well-engineered display makes a huge difference in the quality of the experience.

optimized audio distribution

With portable microphones and speakers, you have the capacity to create an outdoor theater experience that reaches every person present without being overbearing. No matter where members of your audience are sitting or standing, they can enjoy an enhanced listening experience.

Additionally, you can be flexible in the way you gather, so that multiple groups—like classes—can access the equipment, and you can change plans due to weather or other factors.

Finally, it’s important to stress that lecturers don’t need to be AV experts to manage these outdoor AV systems. AVDG’s touchscreen control panels are simple and intuitive so that instructors and staff can direct the gathering with minimal technical hiccups.

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AVDG has helped educational institutions, businesses, and other organizations create enhanced outdoor learning environments for these unprecedented times. Book a free consultation to learn more about your AV options for outdoor gatherings.