AVDG creates MDU systems that enhance the design and utility of each space while reducing management and energy costs

on February 28th, 2020
AVDG MDU systems to reduce energy costs

multi-dwelling excellence

AVDG’s residential AV designs are designed to create simplicity and automation in each residency. When creating solutions for multi-dwelling units, our experts apply the same approach to the complex itself. Simplicity, automation, and integration help increase the value of an apartment building or condominium. Increasing the value of each residency helps management offer a wider range of features and amenities that attract buyers and renters. Additionally, introducing automation technology is proven to reduce management and energy costs for the building and unit owners.

custom design

AVDG’s MDU solutions can be integrated with a vast set of technologies to enhance property appeal, streamline management, and reduce energy costs. Our experienced MDU specialists will work closely with you to outline your vision and make recommendations that will help to achieve your unique objectives.

unmatched experience

AVDG is a leader in smart solutions for multi-dwelling properties. We employ a skilled team of designers, engineers, and technicians who have led more than 150 MDU projects. We partner with architects, developers, operations managers, and other stakeholders to implement fully customized solutions for every project. 

communication features

Make communication simpler and more effective between residents and building staff. AVDG’s smart systems enable a multitude of features that create efficiency across the unit. Easier communication provides residents with both convenience and security. Operations teams benefit from clearer communication between staff and faster response to resident requests.

Some of our most advantageous building-communications features include:

  • Automated door attendant communication
  • Direct-call communication to concierge
  • Voicemail alerts and direct message playback
  • Unified communication with buildings legacy intercom
  • Video to video two-way intercom
  • Transcoded video feeds to a variety of endpoints

concierge applications

Today’s concierge services require intelligent technology to increase operational speed and efficiency. Our state-of-the-art concierge applications help both residents and concierge staff by making communication clearer and more dynamic. Smart features like audio visual communication bring greater value and a personal touch to your concierge service, increasing resident satisfaction and retention.

  • Easy access to communication with concierge or door personnel
  • Provide an optional large display of front door camera to the front desk staff
  • Allows for SIP, IP, or PBX continuity with existing intercom systems
  • Provides an ideal platform for virtual concierge part-time or full-time operation
  • Fully integrates with resident facing control system endpoints
  • Provides fully functional premise intercom as well as campus-wide intercom
  • Unlimited endpoint expansion capabilities for audio and video

robust integration

Far more than a conventional intercom, our smart systems enable robust integration with an extensive suite of automation, audio visual, and security capabilities. AVDG custom-designs your system to be turnkey, yet also scalable. We partner with you to implement the specific abilities you need while leaving room for future expansion.

  • Trigger events, functions, and interactions with other systems
  • Direct enhancements to existing intercom functions
  • Extends the addition and growth of the controlling ecosystem
  • Provides a secure and modifiable communication platform
  • Designed to operate efficiently with low bandwidth


Give residents the peace of mind that their building and unit are protected by the best technology available. From access control systems to video surveillance, our multi-dwelling solutions are designed to provide unparalleled security, control, and convenience.

  • Entry systems
  • Access control
  • Alarm systems
  • Video surveillance
  • Smart locks
  • Closed-circuit monitoring
  • Green features
  • Automated smart shades
  • Automated smart lighting

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