how innovative design can help increase the value of organizational training

on 03.01.20

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AVDG has partnered with numerous organizations to bolster their training efforts with robust audio visual solutions. Our clients encompass a broad spectrum of organizations across multiple verticals: corporate, government, higher education and beyond. Our diverse team of proven professionals utilize cutting-edge technology to create interactive environments that are intuitive, dynamic, and conducive to effective training.

education redefined

Our unique approach to design allows us to collaborate with our partners to understand the intricacy of their organization, their needs, and their people. Our experts evaluate all aspects of clients’ training environments, taking into consideration their unique challenges with the space, as well as current technology limitations. AVDG’s skilled engineers and designers propose effective solutions that elevate both the training environment and the training experience.

We drive ingenuity by custom-designing a range of solutions to meet your organization’s specific objectives and vision.

conferencing technology

Empower employees, groups and conference attendees to participate in training no matter where they’re located. Our robust video conferencing solutions are backed by ultra-fast data networks, enabling you to stream your training in high definition and collaborate with your audience, anywhere in the world.

sound masking technology

Reduce background noise with professional-grade sound masking systems that make your presentations clearer and more engaging. Our engineers customize your sound-masking technology based on the size, layout, and acoustics of your space, significantly minimizing noise distractions.

interactive displays

Replace rudimentary whiteboards and PowerPoints with smart displays that make your training interactive and engaging. Whether for a single event or a permanent installation at your location, our skilled teams design, program and install attention-grabbing displays that enrich your presentations.

dual displays

Go beyond a single display setup to make your space more versatile for a broader range of presentations. From flat-panel monitors to high-definition projectors, we can deploy brilliant dual displays that can work in tandem or individually to meet the needs of each event.

multimedia presentation solutions

AVDG brings presentations to life with innovative software and technology solutions, customized to the needs of your organization or training efforts.

custom control panels

Technology should elevate your training, not hinder it. That’s why we equip our partners with intuitive control panels that make their smart systems easy to operate and manage. Interfaces are designed to be simple and seamless and are programmed by our in-house engineers.

presentation space design

For more than two decades, AVDG has been designing dynamic training and presentation spaces, seamlessly integrated with technology. From single conference rooms to sprawling auditoriums with tiered seating and numerous floor boxes for cabling, our experienced teams turn any space into an extraordinary audio visual learning environment.

custom lecterns and confidence monitors

Help trainers stay on track with custom lecterns and confidence monitors that make their presentations more effective and error-free. Built-in displays give presenters the ability to control their presentation seamlessly with easy-to-use touchscreens.

loop for assistive listening

Bring more clarity to presentations with high-quality assistive listening devices that amplify the voice of your presenters, reduce unwanted background noise and assist audience members with hearing loss.

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