AVDG Lends a Helping Hand

One of the most rewarding days for us at AVDG, is our company’s Community Service Day. For the last few years, we have been supporting Rebuilding Together Petaluma through sponsorship of their projects and by supplying some good old-fashioned manual (mostly unskilled) labor.

This year AVDG and Rebuilding Together Petaluma lent some helping hands to the Petaluma People Services Center, a organization that provides over 53 human services programs to the people of Petaluma including counseling, job placement, hot meals and housing assistance.

On this most recent workday, we and a host of other volunteers remodeled their kitchen, repainted several rooms, cleaned out gutters and gave a fresh face to the landscaping throughout.  Check out some of the before and after. The rest of the photos can be viewed on our Facebook Page.

More about Rebuilding Together Petaluma 

More about Petaluma People Services Center
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