Benefits of Automated Home Lighting Control

Home Security Improvement
You get home after dark and fumble around looking for the flashlight feature on your smartphone, trying to unlock your front door. Once you get inside, you head to the alarm system panel to disable the alarm, all while carrying your kids’ backpacks, groceries, or other items. If you are lucky enough, you won’t trip, fall, or bang your knee into a wall or piece of furniture.
If this sounds all too familiar, it is time to consider a home lighting control system from AVDG. Our systems utilize an app you can operate from your smartphone. You can turn on lights when you get home or shortly before arriving home. In addition, our system can disable your security alarm.
Aside from the convenience of never having to worry about tripping, dropping bags of groceries, or running into a wall or piece of furniture, there are other benefits you gain with one of our home lighting systems.

Improves Home Security

Whether you are running late getting home or traveling on vacation or business, part of the reason homes get broken into is because there are no lights on at night. You can automate when different areas of lighting turn on and off, or manually control the lights in your home from just about anywhere.

Automatically Control Outdoor Lighting

Our app can be configured to turn outdoor lights and landscape lights on at dusk and off at dawn, or set them to come on at dusk and remain on for a certain number of hours before shutting off.

Eliminate Light Switches

Automatic Outdoor Lighting Control
You can get rid of multiple rows of light switches on the wall and do not have to worry about remembering what switch controls which lights. You simply turn lights on and off through our app.
Integrate Lighting Control into Existing Home Automation Systems
If you already have a home automation system for controlling your CCTV surveillance and alarm home security, climate controls, or automatic blind controls, it is easy to add lighting solutions to this existing system.
Reduce Your Electric Bills
If you add automated dimming controls to your lighting control system, you can reduce the amount of electricity used by your light bulbs. Keep in mind, dimming controls only work with certain types of energy-efficient bulbs, so you may need to change bulbs to enable this feature.
In addition, you never have to worry about lights left on in different areas of the home by your kids, spouse, or even yourself. You can easily turn the lights off or dim them from your living room, bedroom, or any other place in your home.

Reduce the Risks of Accidents

Energy Efficient Lighting
Before crawling into bed,  most of us have to shut off the light switch and then “feel” our way through the room, hoping to not stub our toes on a dresser, wardrobe, or even the bed. Experiencing this type of pain and discomfort makes it even harder to get to sleep. With an automated lighting control solution, you no longer have to worry about this and can shut the lights off after crawling into bed.
If you do need to get up in the middle of the night to let the dog out, check on the kids, or use the bathroom, you don’t have to worry about walking blindly down hallways. Instead, you can turn on the lights from your smartphone or tablet on your nightstand. If you added dimming features, the lights will turn on at their preset level—so no more blinding light!
As you can see, lighting control systems are rather beneficial for you and your entire family. Best of all, our solutions can be integrated into older homes, too! To learn more about our lighting and other home automation systems, please feel free to contact AVDG at 888-505-1922 today!