Are you considering getting motorized window shades or blinds for your home? You may be intrigued by the idea of motorized blinds but are not quite sure if they are worth it. Many homeowners considering getting motorized window treatments have their interest piqued by the aspect of the top window technology, but they aren’t quite sure if that warrants the investment.
Motorized window blinds are more than just a pretty solution to homeowners’ needs. There are plenty of benefits that come along with securing this type of treatment. Take a look at a few below.


In an airy home, you may have a lot of windows. Motorizing your window treatments allows you to automate a repetitive task that is sometimes in hard-to-reach areas so that you can save an abundance of time each day. Using one nifty remote, you can control all of the treatments, making opening and closing shades a snap!


Many devices these days are cordless, not just to save you time from plugging and unplugging, but because this is a safer option. Cords in traditional blinds and shades can be extremely hazardous to children and pets with small parts to swallow and long cords to get tangled in. Motorized blinds that are 100 percent cord-free are much safer to have around the house for your children and furry four-legged friends.

Energy Efficiency

What homeowner doesn’t like saving on energy costs? Motorized blinds can help to keep cool air in your home during the summer and warmth inside during the winter. If you use a sensor or timer with your motorized blinds, you can automate your shades to do this all for you so you don’t even have to think about it.

Possession Protection

Your home houses your precious belongings, from furniture to floors to artwork. When the sun streams through the window at the same time every day, it can wash out all of the vibrant colors that find themselves in its path. You may not even realize it until an item is dulled and yellowed by the sunshine. Simply lowering your blinds can prolong the life of your furniture, rugs, art, photos, and even wall paint! Motorized blinds can take care of this issue automatically.


Motorized shades are the epitome of intelligent home design. Motorized blinds move in one fluid motion to their right spot, meaning that no blind or shade will be out of place at any time. There are no unsightly rope pull cords or tugging the shades to get them in the exact position you want. Customization allows you to transform your space and tick all the boxes, from the aesthetic to the functional.
The benefits of motorized window blinds are clear. If you think this technology fits your home, or you simply want to learn more about your options, the professionals at AVDG can help. From cost to installation logistics, we can help you to decide what blinds suit your needs, style, and home—all at the right price.