benefits of automated home lighting control

on 10.01.20

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Simplicity and convenience are often considered the primary benefit of automated home lighting. But in fact, automated lighting can change how you interact with your living space in several different ways.

It’s not just about eliminating the need to manually flip a switch. Automation technology enables you to transform your home environment into a space that better fits your lifestyle, schedule, and desired level of comfort.

what is automated home lighting?

To understand the ways that lighting automation can benefit you and your loved ones, it helps to have a basic understanding of what these systems are and how they work.

Automated home lighting is a form of lighting that uses programmable schedules or sensors to determine when the lights should be on and how bright. Sometimes referred to as “smart lighting,” these systems can be as simple as a single bulb, or they can expansive, whole-home lighting solutions.
Why add automated lighting to your home? Let’s explore some of the advantages.

benefits of lighting automation

1) convenience

First and foremost, automated lighting makes your life easier. Imagine scheduling your lights to turn on just moments before you return home from work every evening. Or have them turn on automatically as you walk through the door and enter different rooms. It brings an incredible level of convenience to your space. And once you experience it for yourself, you can’t live without it.

2) energy savings

No more accidentally leaving the lights on all day. With automated lighting, you can schedule them to turn off during the hours when you’re at work or in bed. Or, you can use sensors that will automatically disable the lights when they detect that nobody is in the room. This automation can translate into big energy savings over time, which is good news for your wallet and the planet.

3) security

When you’re away, leaving some lights turned on can help to deter burglars who are looking for vacant homes. But that doesn’t mean you need to keep those bulbs lit all day. With automated lighting, you can schedule the lights to turn on while you’re gone, making it appear that someone is home and keeping the bad guys at bay.

4) comfort

Automated lighting can make your home more comfortable and inviting, especially when the system utilizes automatic dimming. Picture yourself relaxing on the sofa with family in the evening. As the sun slowly sets, the lighting in your living room automatically responds, adjusting from a warm glow to fully illuminating the room once the sun is down. The experience transcends convenience and brings a new level of comfort to your home.

5) wellness

The lighting in our homes can play a significant role in our health and wellbeing. AVDG offers dynamic solutions that are specially designed to replicate natural light patterns, helping our bodies maintain their circadian rhythms. In turn, this can enhance our sleep quality, mood, energy, and cognitive performance.

find the right lighting solution for your home

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