benefits of digital signage for your business

on 03.28.18

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Digital signage has many advantages over traditional advertising. It’s by far the most effective way to reach customers, enabling a recall rate of 83% and an ability to capture 400% more views than a static message, according to research by Digital Signage Today. People do take interest in a topic advertised using digital media. The study also found 59% of those who saw a message digitally were eager to learn more about it.1

So, how does this translate for your business? Digital advertising doesn’t only save you money by avoiding print materials and equipment and the manpower needed to procure, operate, and maintain them. It is highly effective at driving retention and sales.

how digital signage helps business

The technology helps you stay in the game and in line with competitors. It saves time and resources, compared to printing, and it is great for attracting attention. You have full control over what to display to customers, who may be intrigued by the entertainment and interactivity, while your sales and customer service personnel handle other important tasks. Therefore, a company can focus on catering to what consumers expect from digital advertising.

Electronic signage is effective at displaying product-, location-, and demographic-specific information. Your content can be quickly tailored to match the interests of potential customers. Therefore, you can improve your advertising, marketing messages, and atmosphere with digital solutions that:

  • improve recall/retention: Of customers that enter a store, 8 in 10 saw a sign that caught their attention.2 Electronic displays not only increase retention of product information, but also provide updates at service locations, such as banks, hotels, or fast food venues, so customers are more likely to return.

Vivid high-definition displays are much more effective than television, print, or radio in capturing attention. Integrate animations, online video, and news feeds, and you don’t just connect with customers; you can effectively influence their purchase decisions.

  • boost awareness: Digital messages are highly dynamic, in terms of movement, which generates attention. If you can get consumers to pay attention to the right message, you generate interest. The more relevant a message is, the more likely a customer is to take action and purchase your product or service. Many people see traditional ads as just background noise, but digital signage enables you to be much more engaging.

Whether it’s at a bank, a train station, or an airport, you can entertain and sell to customers. They’re also likely to remember your messages. The boost in recall mentioned above means if someone sees your product or another digital ad for it, they are almost certain to recognize your brand and feel a sense of trust. In fact, digital marketing is 47.7% effective on brand awareness.3

  • increase revenue: Studies have found digital marketing boosts sales volume by 31.8% and supports a 32.8% increase in repeat buyers and in-store traffic.4 More sales equal more revenue, but profitability is also enhanced by the fact customers tend to spend more time in stores and have decreased perceived wait times. A significant increase in customer retention helps increase earnings as well.
  • allow access to digital content: You’re not limited to just streaming product-based videos. Digital signs can integrate RSS feeds, social media content, and even weather updates at the same time products are advertised. The social media aspect takes advantage of peer-to-peer recommendations, which consumers trust the most.

Customers are, therefore, more likely to trust your brand as buy into your products and services. Plus, this content can be changed quickly, multiple times daily, so you can target specific demographics based on time, season, or short-range promotions. There are no limits as to how many messages you can deliver daily, with a dependable level of consistency across locations.

  • can be remotely managed: Modern signage systems are connected to the internet, so all you need is a computer to generate and deliver messages. It often takes just a few hours to go from idea to display. On the other hand, print advertising can take weeks to reach a consumer. Multiple messages, rather than a single one, can be delivered over a given amount of time, expanding what you can communicate to customers as they wait.
  • showcase your company: No matter what your company does or sells, you can showcase its accomplishments and work. Set up videos, slideshows, animations, or testimonials. There are many ways to engage in brand promotion to raise awareness and build trust among customers.
  • collect data: Digital signage has another added benefit—that is to collect data on how customers interact with it. You can use the data to create new marketing strategies and analyze how the current ones are working. Traditional signage offered no way to gather such important information and act on it so quickly.
  • save costs: While traditional signage takes considerable time, effort, and money, digital signs can be adjusted with less effort. It may require only one person to make the changes. You don’t have to rely on a whole team and new set of materials to get the job done, which conserves your budget in big ways.

In general, customers are more entertained and amused by digital signs. The technology has improved rapidly, so the possibilities are only getting better and faster. Display new promotions or even digital menu items throughout the day, when customers are more likely to react. Flexible and convenient, digital signage is also an element of intelligent office design, with benefits such as:

  • workplace safety: Digital signs have had a similar effect on workers as it has on consumers. When used for safety communications, workplace injuries have decreased 20%. In fact, for every $1 invested, research has shown a return of $4 to $6.5 Signage can post immediate updates on hazards and alert workers quickly to dangers, in a way that has been proven to drive greater attention.
  • improved internal communications: Digital media in the workplace increase employee engagement. This has been seen to support 20% to 25% improvements in worker productivity. Also, major corporations have saved substantially by integrating digital signage into meeting spaces. More interactive, engaging media works during company presentations showcasing achievements, products, and services, as well as departmental planning and staff meetings where digital content is applicable.

why switch to digital signage?

Going digital saves money but improves your bottom line in other ways. You can also get third-party advertisers involved, which can generate additional revenue. Twitter feeds, stock quotes, and weather updates get more people to view your messages. The more information people have access to, the longer they may stay fixed on the screen, and the more opportunities you have to inform them of your product or service.

Digital messaging also has a profound impact on influencing customer behavior. You can maximize this impact by:

  1. Reaching them while they’re on site. If you can display information where customers make a purchasing decision, product information displays can be quite effective. The content must be relevant, engaging, and displayed at just the right location. Be strategic in where you put these displays to maximize the success of the deployment.
  2. Showing relevant, high-quality content. Customers may be in your store, but browsing their smartphones at the same time, looking for lower prices. You can minimize this habit, known as showrooming, by frequently updating your digital displays with department-specific content, best prices, and a call to action. Messages should be tailored to the day, time, and holiday.
  3. Offering as much information as possible. If your store can provide repairs, technical service, or expert advice, advertise it. People often complain about the lack of service with e-commerce services, so the more you provide, the better. Even warranty information and relevant professional services will help you stand out.
  4. Displaying the latest social media content. Live feeds, positive reviews, and other consumer-driven information can be linked to via digital signage displays, taking retail and intelligent office design to a new level. Content from Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube can make all the difference.
  5. Stay competitive in the retail space: In today’s climate, integrating technology with your business is essential. You can link digital components of your signage strategy with point-of-sale systems. This maximizes automation. An example is a CMS system that automatically detects low inventory and adds items to a procurement list or sees overstocked merchandise and instantly promotes it. Technology also allows you to instantly adjust promotions, create in-store contests, reward top customers, and engage in other activities that boost sales.

It’s a better time than ever to invest in digital media player hardware and flat-screen displays. Lower cost is just one of the few digital display trends in 2018 but it has been, nonetheless, consistent. Many displays integrate media players in the same unit, so they’re cheaper and easier to install. Lightweight hardware requires lighter, less expensive mounting components. In some cases, all you need to do is plug them into an outlet, since many media players use Wi-Fi and cloud-based systems to manage content. Often you don’t even need to invest in on-premise software.

AVDG intelligent office design

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