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Stunning home on a hilltop

Weston, MA
Boston Hilltop Project


The Boston Hilltop project took place just 15 miles west of downtown Boston on a hilltop that showcases the stunning 10,000 square foot home. AVDG partnered with Chris Pagliaro and John Stefanon to design and build the property. Both Chris and John were meticulous about designing each component of the home to meet the needs of the client’s lifestyle. To support their efforts, AVDG custom-designed and programmed solutions to make the technology effortless to manage whether that be in the client’s day-to-day, while hosting, or having guests stay with them.

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Boston Hilltop Project living room AV solutions


AVDG collaborated with the architect, Chris Pagliaro and his team to seamlessly integrate displays into the luxurious and imported natural stone that dressed the fireplaces throughout the home. AVDG created solutions that maintained the aesthetic and didn’t draw the eye away from the texture and scheme of the design of the fireplaces.

Boston Hilltop Project luxury home theater audio solutions


The home’s theater included a 4K Ultra-HD, 1500 lumen Sony video projector and a 153″ Diagonal Display Technology video screen. The home theater featured immersive Bowers & Wilkins audio all integrated into a Crestron system for a truly cinematic experience.

Boston Hilltop Project fansuite integrated audio and visual entertainment center solutions


The fansuite entertainment area included 5 Ultra-HD LED displays, Sonos speakers, and 5 scenes custom-programmed to suit specific events or viewing modes. We strategically produce the display configuration so that our client won’t need to miss a scene or sound while playing pool or grabbing a drink at the bar.

Boston Hilltop Project beautiful AV solutions


The home features designer, custom and dynamic lighting solutions all across the home. AVDG integrated all of the lighting into Lutron’s HomeWorks system creating a robust solution.

Boston Hilltop Project stately integrated lighting design


AVDG collaborated with the interior design team to skillfully integrate the look, design, and functionality of the window treatments. Through careful planning, we were able to design window treatments that didn’t take away from the intricate millwork but dressed the windows elegantly. Lutron Sivoia QS motorized window treatments were blended into the home’s aesthetic and were fully integrated into the control system.