building a home theater in your luxury home

on 07.16.21

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There is nothing quite like the experience of theater-quality film. Usually this requires a trip to a theater, where your experience can depend on how respectful the other patrons around you are. Otherwise you are stuck at home, with a less-than-optimal audio and visual experience. Tackle both problems at once by building a home theater system with AVDG. See some things to think about, and some of the essential pieces, when building a home theater by reading below.

select a space

While having an excellent place to watch television in a living room is important, for the true theater-quality experience, choose a dedicated space in your home. This allows for optimal containment of sound, and creating an overall room feel and sound is much easier when there isn’t anything else getting in the way.
Planning a dedicated space also means you should think about how seating should be set up, as well as other aspects of the room. Will there be one level? Will there be tiered seating just like a theater? Before any of the nuts and bolts of the theater system itself can be implemented, it is important to have a functional plan for the space.

integrated sound systems

Some of the most impactful moments in cinema can be traced back to quality audio. First and foremost, your home theater space should incorporate materials and objects that absorb sound and diffuse echoes. Creating an acoustically optimized environment makes sure that the audio of the movie is balanced, and gives the quality that would be expected in a public theater.

Creating unique and optimized sound for your space is another key ingredient to a truly incredible home theater. At AVDG, we use the latest technology and work with you to create a unique solution that is fit specifically to your space. This ensures that the sound is just right, to experience movies the way they are meant to be heard.

look as professional as you sound

Now that sound has been taken care of, the lighting needs to be optimized for a truly authentic experience. Complete darkness is dangerous, and getting in and out of a chair once a movie has begun retracts from the experience. Utilizing smart lighting and innovative integrated controls can help your lighting system work smarter in your home theater. Partner this with incredible and simple controls, and you can have your home theater dimming and bringing up the lights just as they would in a professional setting.

Removing additional distractions from the room can help create a more holistic viewing experience. Painting walls and ceilings a dark color so that they are not reflecting light they don’t need to, as well as getting thick curtains and carpet in a dark color can all help in these aspects.

making the big screen your own

Obviously the centerpiece of any home theater is the devices that help you watch the films themselves. AVDG works with our clients to pair them with custom top-of-the-line theater packages with cutting-edge technology designed specifically for their space. We can customize the equipment installed and engineer the experience to fit exactly what you want your theater to be.

our approach

For more than 20 years, AVDG has created the most sophisticated, intuitive, and reliable environments, fostering simplicity in each home and office. We partner with you to identify the right solutions based on your space and needs. Our experts will bring your vision to life, making valuable recommendations that enhance your environment and maximize your investment. Discover innovative AV solutions that will empower and elevate spaces. Contact us today to begin your initial consultation by visiting our website, calling us at (866) 985-2834, or emailing us at [email protected].