your candidate journey

your candidate journey

Candidate Journey step 1 - application review
  1. application review

We are drawn to candidates who not only have the skills required for the role, but who will align with our values of integrity, respect and passion.

Candidate Journey step 2 - interview process

2. interview process

Upon receiving your resume, we will reach out for an initial interview to determine whether you are a fit for AVDG. This will also be your opportunity to ask questions and gain deeper insight into the position.

On average, candidates go through 2 interviews depending on the role and position for which they are applying.

Candidate Journey step 3 - verbal offer

3. verbal offer

After the interview process, if we determine a mutually beneficial working relationship we will give a verbal offer to let you know that we would like to move forward with your formal application.

Candidate Journey step 4 - formal application

4. formal application

Should you choose to move forward with our offer you will complete a formal application for the position. This application will indicate to our team that you are prepared to accept our written offer.

Candidate Journey step 5 - written offer

5. written offer

Our written offer will formally outline your salary and benefits as well as your official responsibilities. Accepting this written offer is the final step in your hiring process.

Candidate Journey step 6 - day 1 preparation

6. day 1 preparation

Prior to your first day, we will provide you with all necessary information and training documents to set you up for success in your new position.

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