All Clarifications are valid unless stated otherwise in the scope of work.

  1. Structural and Attachment
    1. i. It is the responsibility of others (client, GC, etc.) for making sure the mounting surfaces are properly constructed to withstand the weight of the mounted equipment with a safety factor of at least 5:1. Any substitutions for this must be approved by AVDG prior to installation. AVDG has the right to refuse to mount any equipment to anything other than approved structures. All charges for required return trips by AVDG due to the lack of proper structure is the responsibility of Client. If finishes need to be modified, (i.e., fire treatment, paint, or other) the Client or GC is responsible for all repairs post installation.
    2. ii. All above celling hardpoints are the responsibility of the client. If finishes need to be modified, i.e., fire treatment paint or other; Client is responsible for all repairs post installation. AVDG has the right to refuse to mount devices to anything other than an approved hardpoints. All charges for required return trips by AVDG due to the lack of proper structure are the responsibility of client.
    3. iii. Engineered (P.E.) seals and/or stamped structural/system details are not included unless specifically noted in the scope of work.
    4. iv. Cutting, structural welding, or reinforcement of structural steel members required for support of assemblies, if required are not included unless specifically noted in the scope of work.
  2. Electrical
    1. i. High voltage power (120v and up), conduit, junction boxes, raceways, and other pre-construction materials to be provided by others.
    2. ii. Low voltage (audio, video, and control signal) containment, conduit, junction boxes, raceways, and other preconstruction materials to be provided by others.
  3. General Construction
    1. i. Sleeves, cores, and fire-stopping are by others if required.
    2. ii. Concrete saw cutting and/or core drilling is by others, if required.
    3. iii. Sheet rock replacement, ceiling tile, T-bar replacement and/or wall/ceiling repair is by others, if required
    4. iv. All millwork (moldings, trim, etc.) or modifications to project millwork/furniture to accommodate the AV equipment is by others. v. Painting, patching, or finishing of architectural surfaces is by others.
    5. vi. HVAC and plumbing relocation shall be by others.
    6. vii. Rough-in, bracing, framing or finish trim carpentry is by others.
    7. viii. Any modifications made to openings, coves, soffits, etc. after they have been measured by AVDG may require the reordering of any custom materials or equipment that was custom fabricated to fit said spaces. Any changes required will result in additional charges.
    8. ix. 120v (20amp) power for tools and temporary lighting shall be provided within 50′ of the areas of work unless specifically noted in the Scope of Work.
    9. x. Digging, tunneling, removing and replacement of pavers/planters, etc. is by others unless specifically noted in the Scope of Work.
    10. xi. Removal, moving, modification, etc. of furniture is by others unless specifically noted in the Scope of Work. 4.
  4. Networking
    1. i. Provision, configuration, and testing/verification of all networking equipment that connects to AVDG furnished equipment the responsibility of other unless specifically noted in the Scope of Work.
    2. ii. AVDG will provide network requirements for AV equipment that is connected directly to Owner’s network and will meet with Owner’s or Owner’s IT department to convey networking requirements for proper systems operation unless called out in the Scope of Work.
    3. iii. AVDG will provide equipment MAC addresses to Owner for IP address assignment and DHCP reservations.
    4. iv. The client’s network must be operational prior to commissioning/service of AV systems. If it is determined that, due to delays in delivery of the client network, additional labor is required to adequately deliver the scope of work as detailed a summary of any anticipated cost implications for client approval prior to commencement of additional services will be provided.
  5. Acoustical
    1. i. The room should have a measured ambient noise level of no more than NC35. For new spaces, the design parameters for the mechanical engineering within the room should have a target NC of 35 or less. Ambient noise includes noise from the air handling systems, mechanical systems, and noises outside the building. Noise levels above this specification adversely affects the meeting environment and may degrade the overall audio quality and intelligibility of a conference call. This is especially important when ceiling microphones are utilized. If a problem is identified with ambient noise levels, AVDG can work with your mechanical engineer to identify possible solutions to lower the NC rating and improve the audio experience.
    2. ii. Reverberation Time (RT60) typically should be less than 0.4 seconds in the 125Hz – 10kHz octave bands to provide an optimum meeting experience and acceptable audio quality in a conference call. A significant number of hard surfaces in a room (glass, drywall, or other surfaces) can adversely affect audio intelligibility and the meeting experience overall. Acoustic treatment is advised for rooms with higher RT60 levels. If the room requires acoustic treatment, AVDG can provide solutions to overcome this issue and enhance the audio experience for the participants.
    3. iii. If acoustical remediation is recommended but not implemented, AVDG will document the potential performance ramifications in writing. The customer should understand that the system performance may be significantly decreased.
    4. iv. STI (Speech Transmission Index) and STIPA (Speech Transmission Index for Public Address) not applicable to this project unless specifically noted in the scope of work.
  6. Lighting
    1. i. Room lighting shall be at least 40-foot candles and evenly diffused throughout the camera’s field of view to eliminate hot spots on participants and walls. Evenly distributed lighting is important for videoconferencing applications. Where the camera’s field of view includes windows, recommended window treatment should be employed to provide an acceptable background for the camera to view the participants.
    2. ii. For best image quality, backgrounds should be neutral, solid colors. When graphics are utilized behind participants fine line and patters should be avoided.
    3. iii. If light pollution remediation is recommended but no implemented, AVDG will document the potential performance ramifications in writing. The customer should understand that the system performance may be significantly decreased.
  7. Software
    1. i. All software licenses required for normal end user operation become property of the client at the successful completion of the project. It is the responsibility of the client to register and maintain any licenses unless specifically called out in the Scope of Work. Examples include, but are not limited to, operating systems, apps, etc.
    2. ii. All custom programming (e.g., remote control system programs) will become property of the end user pending system signoff and final payment, copies of all programming shall be archived for a period by AVDG for future service and upgrades.
    3. iii. In some cases, a password can be provided to an end user or end user team; this would be specifically called out in the Scope of Work. The end user/client assumes all responsibility for maintaining the password as well as communicating to AVDG any password and programming changes.
    4. iv. If the password is lost and is the original one created by AVDG, AVDG will provide that password at no charge pending verification of the request. In some cases, if the password is lost and has been changed without notifying AVDG; a complete system reset may be required resulting in the need to reload and older file or completely rebuild the program from scratch. AVDG can provide a quote for the cost associated with this.
  8. Training and System Demonstration
    1. i. AVDG shall provide one basic system orientation to the end users (maximum 6 people in a single group) upon project’s completion and commissioning unless specifically called out in the Scope of Work. Additional trainings are available and shall be quoted as additional.
    2. ii. Recording of training is not included unless specifically called out in the Scope of Work; recording is available as an additional service.
  9. Owner Furnished Equipment (OFE)
    1. i. Scheduling of an ISP and/or Telco providers is the responsibly of the client unless specifically called out in the Scope of Work. AVDG will make themselves available during the schedules times; any delays caused by 3rd parties may result in additional charges.
    2. ii. Owner furnished equipment, or equipment furnished by others, that is integrated into the systems is assumed to be current, industry acceptable and in good working order. If it is determined that this equipment is faulty upon installation, additional project charges may be incurred.
    3. iii. The creation, scheduling and/or subscriptions of custom content is the responsibility of the client. AVDG can provide as a service the creation, scheduling and/or subscriptions of content and is available to discuss as necessary.
  10. Insurance, Permits and Licensing
    1. i. Certificate of Insurance shall be provided, as requested, prior to initiation of work.
    2. ii. The client shall obtain, at its expense and keep effective, all permissions, licenses, and permits whenever required in connection with the installation and/or use of the products and the premises where the products shall be situated
    3. iii. Low voltage permit fees and related labor charges are not included and shall be added upon client’s approval, as applicable.
  11. Logistics
    1. i. During the project’s commencement, free parking shall be allowed to AVDG’s vehicles as close as possible to the actual jobsite. Loading dock shall be available to AVDG’s vehicles for the materials and equipment deliveries that shall be scheduled in advance. AVDG understands that the delivery dock may not be available all day and that specific delivery times may need to be coordinated.
    2. ii. If free parking is not available, the client will be billed for parking expenses; these expenses will be billed at a fixed 10% markup to accommodate administration expenses.
    3. iii. Any additional trips, labor, or materials due to failure of the other work forces to have the audiovisual system roughin work completed as anticipated and previously confirmed, will be added to the project billing as required.
    4. iv. Ground shipping has been assumed for all materials. Expedited shipping may be available and can be quoted as additional.
    5. v. A specific number of site deliveries has been determined as part of this proposal; any additional trips required due to site conditions, other trades, or other forces outside of AVDG’s control will be billed as additional. See Scope of Work for details.
  12. Equipment Returns
    1. i. All equipment returns are subject to a minimum 15% restocking fee and must be in the original, un-opened box. If the equipment has been opened, AVDG reserves the right to not accept the return.
    2. ii. Any equipment returns must be executed within 60 calendar days of delivery to site.
    3. iii. Custom ordered parts are not able to be returned.
  13. General
    1. i. Once the equipment is delivered to the jobsite, a signature shall be required from the client, site foreman, etc. Securing the delivered equipment shall be client’s or GC’s responsibility unless otherwise noted in the Scope of Work.
    2. ii. Any products, services, and/or SOW modifications in addition to or different than what is described in this proposal will result in a cost impact and timeline impact to the offered pricing.
    3. iii. General Contractor and/or Client shall be responsible for all related infrastructure requirements throughout the entire project timeline.
    4. iv. If required, this proposal assumes that all AVDG project shop drawings, product data, product samples or other design submissions impacting the audiovisual deployment have been reviewed and approved prior to technicians arriving onsite. Audiovisual services provided shall be in accordance with approved submittals only.
    5. v. This proposal assumes that, if required, one hardcopy initial set and one revised hardcopy set of audiovisual drawings will be provided. If additional audiovisual drawing set issues are required to incorporate multiple design phase projects or to support the decision-making process, an estimate for these additional documentation services will be provided.
    6. vi. Specifications in this proposal are based on information received to date.
    7. vii. This quote is subject to revision if additional information becomes available, specification documents added, drawings change, or quote is past expiration.
    8. viii. Import Tariffs are subject to change dependent upon US Federal Law and Customs enforcement procedures established at the time products manufactured abroad enter the US. The client is responsible for any cost increases due to increase in import tariffs.
    9. ix. Any delay due to causes beyond AVDG’s reasonable control and without AVDG’s fault or negligence shall extend delivery and installation dates to the extent caused thereby. AVDG will use reasonable efforts to timely notify the client in the event of any delay. The client shall reimburse AVDG its reasonable additional expenses resulting from any client-caused delays. When delivery of the products is delayed at the request of the client and the products have already been shipped by AVDG’s vendor, AVDG will place the products in storage and invoice the client the price of such products, which will be promptly paid. AVDG shall not be liable, and the client shall have no right to cancel or rescind this agreement, in the event of any delay due to causes beyond AVDG’s reasonable control and without AVDG’s fault or negligence, and the client shall accept such delayed performance by AVDG. The client’s receipt of the products shall constitute a waiver of any claims for delay.
    10. x. If costs associated with products increase in a time beyond AVDG control (post contract award), if suitable replacement cannot be obtained, the associated differential in cost will be the responsibility of the client.
  14. Coordination
    1. i. If unforeseen issues discovered during the construction process determine additional labor or equipment is required to adequately deliver the scope of work as detailed, a summary of additional cost implications shall be provided for approval prior to commencement of additional services.
    2. ii. AVDG will use its best efforts to deliver the products in accordance with the client requested delivery date, subject to receipt of all necessary information from the client and the client’s compliance with AVDG’s reasonable instructions for site readiness. AVDG shall not be liable for any delay caused by any circumstances beyond its control, including but not limited to government directives, priorities, regulations, requests, order, or requisitions, or by embargoes, natural disasters, pandemics, fires, strikes, work stoppage, accidents to machinery or equipment, delays of carriers or shortage of labor or materials or for any other cause whatsoever interfering with or impeding production or delivery of the products ordered.
    3. iii. AVDG shall reasonably coordinate and cooperate with other trades to facilitate satisfactory work progress. If AVDG’s work in progress is impeded by other trades and/or contractors (excluding the AVDG’s own subcontractors) or by scheduling delays due to the client, time delays in the final installation as well as additional charges, including labor, travel, and other reasonable expenses, may result.
    4. iv. This proposal assumes a limited number of coordination meetings; AVDG will notify the client, in writing, when the limit has been reached. Any additional meetings may require additional charges.
  15. Site Work and Conditions
    1. i. AVDG reserves the right to pass along any price increases that may happen during a project. Any pricing increase will be communicated to the client before ordering for client approval; AVDG will supply (when possible) documentation from suppliers regarding the pricing increase. If the cost increase is not acceptable, the client will be able to cancel any equipment, material or labor that has not been allocated to the project or is in transit the jobsite and/or and AVDG warehouse.
    2. ii. Installation (e.g., field assembly, interconnection, equipment calibration and checkout) is to be performed by AVDG’s trained technical employees. AVDG shall be entitled to employ subcontractors and/or agents to assist in or carry out, in whole or in part, the installation. In the event installation by AVDG employees is prevented by trade unions, the client shall arrange with the trade unions at its own expense to complete installation. AVDG is thereafter liable only for engineering supervision of installation.
    3. iii. The labor pricing in this AVDG proposal reflects normal business hours M – F, 8am – 5 pm local time. Should work be requested to take place outside of those hours, days and/or on holidays, AVDG can provide a quote.
    4. iv. The client shall be responsible for preparing, at its own expense, the installation site in accordance with AVDG’s reasonable instructions, including the requirements specified in this Scope of Work. In no event shall AVDG be responsible for any high voltage electrical work, ceiling modifications, structural modifications, or mechanical systems modifications unless otherwise agreed to in writing in this Scope of Work. The client shall provide AVDG with source code for any non-AVDG programmed remote control system(s) required to be modified under the terms of this proposal.
    5. v. The client shall provide AVDG with reasonable access to the installation site before delivery, for purposes of determining site readiness for installation, and shall designate an individual on the client’s staff to serve as a contact person for all site preparation and installation issues. The client shall provide AVDG with free access to the installation site for the purpose of preparation for installation.
    6. vi. The client shall provide a clean worksite prior to the installation of any electronics. AVDG reserves the right to delay installation if site conditions do not meet industry standards for dust and debris cleanliness; any delays that result in additional work or any damage to equipment that occurs due to site conditions will result in additional charges. If the client requires installation in areas that AVDG identifies as sub-standard; written consent will be received before installation begins; signing of this document voids all AVDG and manufacturer warranties.
    7. vii. Proper heat dissipation and venting for the equipment in this system is required. Where convection cooling is not possible, a powered venting system, with thermostatically controlled quiet fans, is recommended. Modification to any millwork, walls, ceilings, or climate control systems to provide adequate airflow and cooling is the responsibility of the Client. The client may refuse to install cooling and/or ventilation that is suggested by AVDG; a written waiver of this advice will be documented, and the client assumes the risk that doing so may void all manufacture and AVDG warranties.
    8. viii. AVDG is not responsible for delays caused by other trades, States of Emergency, or enhanced safety requirements. Additional labor charges may apply due to these conditions.
    9. ix. Any background checks, drug testing, safety certifications, etc. required to work on site are only included if specifically mentioned in the Scope of Work. AVDG can accommodate these requirements after the proposal has been signed but this may affect the project schedule and pricing.