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effortless comfort

Smart climate control is a must-have, energy-saving technology in the modern home. Families can enjoy the comfort of the ideal temperature based on the weather, their schedule, routine, and personal preferences. AVDG specializes in easy-to-use, adaptable smart climate systems that help residents optimize their home environment with minimal effort.

collaborative partnership

AVDG has partnered with developers, architects, homeowners, and other residential stakeholders to develop cutting-edge climate solutions in residences around the country. As an industry leader in executing climate control technology, we integrate custom solutions for each client’s needs, seamlessly integrating them with other household systems like entertainment, security, and lighting. From urban high rises to mountain vacation homes, we know what it takes to design optimal climate control systems for any residential space.

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AVDG Climate Control Systems

unparalleled efficiency

Residential buildings waste an untold amount of energy each year due to inefficiencies in HVAC systems, thermostats, and manually controlled settings. With a smart climate system from AVDG, families can enjoy a comfortable living environment year-round without having to worry about their carbon footprint. AVDG’s individually crafted systems adjust settings automatically based on the resident’s unique energy consumption habits.

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motion technology

Most energy waste occurs when residents are absent or asleep. AVDG’s smart climate control systems adjust cooling and heating output and automatically calibrate comfort based on the movement inside the home. Families can enjoy comfort without thinking about it whenever they’re home and moving about, while the system adjusts when they’re gone or inactive.

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the AVDG home automation way

intuitive integration

An automated climate system is just one component of a fully operational smart home. AVDG can integrate residential climate control with other systems, including entertainment, security, lighting, and window shading. With one application on intuitive user interfaces, residents can access all their home’s smart features with a tap on a touchscreen.

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custom control

While the climate system adjusts automatically, residents still have full control of the settings in their home with an easy-to-use control system. They can use recommended settings for energy efficiency, or input their own preferences. The smart system will learn their preferences and schedule, ensuring the ideal settings around the clock.

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optimization for any space

Whether in a single-family home or a multi-dwelling unit, AVDG can optimize climate systems for any space. We’re passionate about empowering homeowners and developers with the right technology to reduce energy use while maximizing comfort.

the AVDG way

Our consultative approach, passion for aesthetics and design, and creative solutions set us apart as experts in AV and smart home systems. We’ve worked with residential stakeholders for over two decades, creating custom technology solutions. Talk to us today about setting up a consultation so you can explore the options for residential climate control and more.