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on 03.01.20

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AVDG is passionate about delivering premium sound to any space, including multi-room applications and outdoor environments. Based on your organization’s unique needs, we’ll collaborate to provide customized commercial audio solutions with state-of-the-art sound systems.

for every business

Businesses and commercial developers across the U.S. trust AVDG for premium audio-system design and installation, customized to fit their unique environment, aesthetic, and utility. Our audio experts have vast experience in commercial audio distribution, bringing professional-quality sound to office settings, event spaces, restaurants, recording studios, and beyond.

We factor in critical environmental specifications, including room acoustics and size, in order to deliver optimal sound to any environment. Whether you desire an audio solution that helps you communicate more clearly and efficiently within your organization, or deliver premium sound to patrons and clients, we have the expertise and the collaborative skills to design and deliver exactly what your organization needs


We know audio, and we can manage it at any scale. In addition to AVDG’s two decades of experience in commercial audio, we also leverage the resources of our sister company, GC Pro, to integrate enterprise-grade audio technology at the most competitive prices on the market. Discover solutions that are available for immediate purchase and installed within tight timeframes.

We can start designing and installing your ideal system on a schedule that works for you

events and conferences

Elevate the sound quality and impact of your events with our custom-designed commercial audio systems. AVDG’s skilled teams can bring superior audio to any environment, from single meeting rooms to large event venues and auditoriums.No matter where your team or patrons are sitting, they can enjoy the premium sound. We specialize in improving sound in live spaces and use sophisticated audio calibration to achieve crystal-clear quality.

distributed audio

Send audio anywhere in the building or to select areas. Our commercial audio systems can be used to play ambient music throughout a workplace, stream live company meetings, or send different audio to different areas of a business. Enable groups to hear overflow audio whenever physical meeting space is limited and send sound from live entertainment events seamlessly from room to room. Even in noisy environments, our sound engineers and designers can deliver sound where it is needed while reducing ambient noise with active sound masking systems where needed.

custom fit

Every project begins with a consultation with our experts. We gather your input and conduct a thorough assessment of your space to propose the best solution for your needs and budget. Your audio solution is completely customized to ensure the highest quality and acoustics. We’ll also work to ensure that the aesthetic of the end product fits with the ambiance of your organization’s environment and that your team can easily operate the technology with clean, intuitive user interfaces.

why AVDG?

Our consultative approach complements our vast audio expertise. We work closely with our partners to identify the best solution for their organization, providing valuable insight to bring their vision to life.

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