commercial climate systems

on 02.12.21

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From restaurants and retail spaces to offices and college campuses, AVDG has experience installing exceptional, fully automated commercial climate systems. Optimize comfort for clients, customers, patrons, or staff, while maximizing energy efficiency and reducing energy use.

for every environment

Gain more control and a more comfortable workspace in any industry. AVDG’s carefully calibrated climate solutions can automate your heating and cooling systems, improve comfort for staff and customers, and reduce energy costs. Our skilled climate-system technicians will work with you to determine the right solution for your space. Systems are custom-designed for any environment, including but not limited to corporate offices, hotels, restaurants, warehouses with temperature-sensitive inventory, and other settings.

optimal comfort
Eliminate common climate challenges in the workplace, such as cold spots or wildly fluctuating temperatures. Our solutions add intelligence to your commercial HVAC systems, enabling them to run smarter and more efficiently, even in harsh climates. Setup temperature zones and even manage temperature room-by-room based on individual preferences.

control & convenience

Control your entire system from a single, secure touchscreen interface that can also be integrated with an app from your phone or tablet. AVDG’s climate-control solutions are simple to operate and also allow you to remotely access temperature controls for your place of business from your mobile device, wherever you are. They are easy and intuitive to use no matter who has access to the controls—and we’ll help you set the configurations exactly where you want them.

maximum efficiency

Businesses can waste thousands of dollars on energy per year—and unnecessarily increase their carbon footprint. Inefficient HVAC systems, thermostats, and manual user settings are the biggest culprits, but can easily be fixed with an intuitive commercial climate control system. Our smart technology brings greater efficiency to your climate systems, reducing your energy costs and your organization’s impact on the environment. We can optimize your organization’s system based on your its unique energy consumption patterns.

smart automation

No more accidentally leaving the AC on high when no one is in the building. Automated capabilities in our state-of-the-art climate control systems allow you to truly “set it and forget it.” Our experts will work with you to custom-configure and calibrate your system to automatically adjust temperatures on its own, while still putting full control at your fingertips when you need it.Not only can you automate your HVAC system and temperature settings, but you can integrate them with automated lighting, window treatments, and shading—resulting in a smarter, more holistic approach to comfort and energy efficiency.

professional installation

AVDG’s experienced teams have custom-engineered and installed hundreds of climate-control systems for businesses in numerous industries in various environments. Integrate our technology into your existing systems or start new. No matter what the environment or needs, you can depend on AVDG for impeccable quality, efficiency and precision.

request a free consultation

Talk to our experts and we’ll help you explore your options for commercial climate control systems uniquely customized for your organization’s operational needs and budget.

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