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on March 2nd, 2020
AVDG commercial and corporate digital systems

announce your message
A visual wall of graphics, content, and data is an effective and engaging way to announce your business’s message. AVDG’s commercial displays make an impact in every space with high-definition TVs, monitors, video walls, and more. By utilizing the latest advances in audio visual technology, software, video conferencing, and other video solutions, AVDG assists you in creating a dramatic and customizable viewing area to get your message across.

any environment

Present data, information, or live video streams in a more captivating presentation. AVDG’s customized digital displays and video walls attract the attention of any audience, in virtually any commercial space: retail environments, offices, hotels, gyms, and beyond.

custom solutions

AVDG has partnered with hundreds of companies in the security, finance, retail, hospitality, and other industries for commercial display projects. Our talented AV teams are comprised of the industry’s best designers and engineers, who partner with you to create a fully customized display system for your organization.

say it big
Video displays are an effective and powerful way to welcome guests to your office, support boardroom presentations, display live event video in overflow spaces, and more. We work closely with your teams to uncover the possibilities and deliver a robust commercial video display solution that bolsters your messaging objectives.

partner with us
Our team is committed to designing and engineering innovative visual solutions that achieve each client’s unique goals. Regardless of project scale or users’ technical abilities, our commercial displays are designed to be intuitive and extremely easy to operate.

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