commercial-grade surveillance systems: how your business benefits

on 11.11.22

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Commercial-grade surveillance systems provide an indispensable layer of security for today’s businesses. Regardless of the industry or type of building, organizations of all sizes need to have insight into what’s happening at their properties. If they don’t, they leave themselves at risk of theft, vandalism, and other threats.

Today’s surveillance systems do so much more than simply record video. They offer a host of security benefits, in addition to other unique advantages that may surprise you.

In this post, we explore the ways that your business can benefit from these systems and how our AV experts at AVDG can custom-design a commercial surveillance solution that fits the needs of your organization.

the challenges

Businesses face a wide range of risks that threaten their bottom line, their operations, and the safety of their employees. This is especially true in high-traffic retail environments, where physical inventory is typically a business’s most valuable asset. 

But it’s not just retail businesses that need to worry about risks like theft. Theft occurs in offices, warehouses, industrial sites, and virtually every other type of organization. And it’s only one of several risks they face.

Here are some of the most common security incidents that can occur in commercial spaces:

  • Theft and burglary: Theft of physical goods perpetrated by outside actors, either during business hours or when the business is closed.
  • Internal theft: Theft perpetrated by the business’s own employees or contractors.
  • Intrusion, trespassing, and break-ins: Illegal entry into the business (or sensitive areas), typically while the business is closed.
  • Vandalism: Destruction of property or assets, which can be caused by external or internal actors.
  • Physical altercations: Violent encounters that occur on business property and put employees at risk of harm
  • Hazards: Threats such as smoke and fire, which can easily go undetected in secluded areas of the business.

These threats can seriously harm the business and its employees. And they can be even more problematic when they go undetected, causing liability issues, difficulty with insurance claims, and internal concerns that the business isn’t taking security seriously enough.

This is why security cameras are so essential. A commercial-grade surveillance system not only helps to catch these incidents as they occur, but also prevents criminal activity from occurring.

Let’s explore some of the key benefits.

9 benefits of commercial-grade surveillance systems

1. theft prevention

The mere presence of security cameras can help to prevent theft and burglary at your business. Statistics show that surveillance systems and other visible alarm systems are the single most powerful deterrent to theft and burglary. The reason is simple: when would-be burglars know their crimes will be seen, they are much less likely to carry through with their plans.

2. internal loss prevention

The same deterrence applies to internal activity. While no business wants to believe its employees are capable of theft, it happens all the time. According to one surprising statistic, 75% of workers admit to stealing from their employer at least once. Businesses can significantly reduce their risk of internal theft by installing a high-quality surveillance system that makes employees think twice before committing a crime.

3. real-time monitoring

Commercial-grade surveillance systems give you a real-time view of your business. And, since today’s systems allow you to easily view live footage from your smartphone, you can check what’s happening at any time with just a few taps. 

4. motion detection

Your security cameras can alert you when they detect motion and send you a recorded clip of the incident. This is especially beneficial when motion is detected while the business is closed or in areas where there shouldn’t be any movement. Even if you have an alarm system installed, the motion detection notifies you and your property managers at the first sign of intrusion, so you can take action even faster.

5. hazard detection

When fire or smoke occurs in secluded spaces, your security cameras help ensure that these hazards are detected early, and they provide visual confirmation that your workers are not in harm’s way. Advanced surveillance systems also feature built-in smoke and fire detection, so that you’ll be alerted to any incident even if you’re not actively watching the video.

6. criminal evidence 

When crimes do occur, your security cameras ensure that they are caught on video. This is not only beneficial for identifying the culprit, but also for having evidence for prosecution and insurance purposes when needed. 

7. 2-way communication

Your security cameras can also be equipped with microphones and speakers to enable 2-way communication. This is beneficial for businesses that need to frequently communicate with visitors at their properties before allowing access. 2-way communication eliminates the need to keep security personnel or a receptionist at the door, thus making your operations more efficient.

8. increased productivity & employee satisfaction

In a recent post, we highlighted the unique ways that a commercial surveillance system can increase the productivity of your workers. In the same way that cameras help deter theft, they also deter workers from avoiding their job responsibilities. The core purpose of the cameras is to provide security, but once the cameras are in place, they also help to keep your teams on track and accountable for their actions. Employees also ultimately feel safer and appreciative of employers who show they care about their well-being.

9. integration opportunities

Commercial-grade surveillance systems can be seamlessly integrated with numerous other systems to provide easier control and efficiency. From a single interface, you can access your security cameras, alarm systems, access-control systems, lighting, and audio-visual systems. Tight integration between these systems makes your business more efficient and flexible, which ultimately helps your bottom line.

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