commercial lighting doesn’t have to be bland

on 11.15.21

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One of the most underrated elements that influences the ambience, functionality, and overall use of a commercial space is lighting. The right custom lighting solution, tailored and designed for the unique preferences and needs of the users of the space, can dramatically enhance the productivity and general feeling experienced within a work environment.

Our team at AVDG specializes in crafting and orchestrating commercial office space technology to help you experience world-class spaces that are easy to use and automate. We custom-design and engineer your space to your unique specifications and budget.

Lighting is something that demands more forethought and customization than buying discount bulbs at the dollar store. If designed properly, a well-implemented lighting solution can dramatically increase the functionality, comfort, and appeal of a commercial space. Here’s how.

intelligent automation

With AVDG, managing the light and privacy in your workspace has never been simpler. We can implement smart-office solutions that enable you to completely automate the lighting and shading of your office space. Customizable schedules coupled with sensor technology will automatically control the amount and quality of light in your spaces throughout the day. These systems can be aligned with your preferences through manual adjustments, but also by sensors and timers. Our designers can also elevate your space with custom motorized window treatments, controlled from a single touchscreen interface or automated according to your needs. With intuitive controls and professional assistance when needed, the automation of your lighting is easier than you might expect.

completely customizable

From initial consultation and design, to installation and professional guidance, every step along the process of creating your lighting solution will be customized. We will work with you directly to develop the shading and lighting arrangement that best fits the needs of your commercial space.

Each room is different, and may require a unique lighting and shading solution. Our designers will help you orchestrate the ambience of each room using the particular shades, color options, fabrics, textures, and light fixtures that make the most sense for your work and your preferences. Transform your office from a cookie-cutter lightbulb situation to a revamped and fully-optimized commercial space with ease. 

professional installation

For the last 25 years, AVDG has not only designed, but also professionally installed custom lighting and shading solutions for hundreds of businesses nationally and internationally. Our technicians work alongside our design team and you, to help ensure the vision you have created for your space comes to its ultimate fruition. We will take care of the implementation of the system, as well as train you on how best to operate and adjust it. After installation, our technicians will also be available to provide guidance and maintenance as necessary. We will be with you every step of the way.

enhance your commercial space with AVDG today

Start enhancing the design, lighting, and systems management of your commercial space today by consulting the professionals at AVDG. Through consultation, design, and implementation, our team will work to understand your exact needs and build a network of systems that fulfills them. With our team of high-performing experts, tried and true standardized procedures, and 24/7 emergency services, AVDG is your go-to when it comes to taking your commercial office to the next level. Schedule a consultation today.