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on 03.02.20

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Deploy advanced video systems that can transform your organization’s digital content delivery. Our teams are experienced in engineering video walls, projected displays, digital signage, and more, designed to meet the unique needs of your space and budget.

custom AV solutions

Commercial audiovisual systems from AVDG offer a world of possibilities for your business. Our skilled AV experts will work with you to identify the right solutions for your objectives and environment. Streamline communication with robust video conferencing. Easily manage multiple video signals throughout an office, restaurant, or other space. Incorporate brilliant, high-definition TVs, and wall displays into your workspace.

We engineer beautiful displays for any setting, including outdoor. Every project is fully customized to your needs and installed with precision by our experienced teams using state-of-the-art technology.

for every business

Since 1996, AVDG has partnered with a wide range of organizations, implementing highly customized video systems according to each client’s unique requirements. We employ a diverse team of experienced designers, engineers, and technicians, who can elevate any commercial space with premium-quality video solutions.

  • Our partners have included:
    Offices: from small spaces to large facilities
  • Restaurants: intimate settings or spaces for a crowd
  • Fitness centers: private and public
  • Event venues: indoor and outdoor
  • Colleges & universities: large, small, public, and private
  • Healthcare facilities: from doctor’s offices to large hospitals
  • Hotels: hospitality environments of all sizes
  • Any commercial environment: retail, museums, tourist destinations, and more

simplified control

Easily direct video and sound to any area of your space using a single, intuitive interface that anyone can use. Eliminate technology confusion and glitches during meetings and presentations, and get your displays up and running quickly and efficiently. No matter what the implementation, AVDG’s video solutions offer unparalleled quality, dependability, and ease of use.

brilliant results

AVDG works with the best video-technology brands in the industry, ensuring the highest-quality video, management software, and a streamlined aesthetic that matches your space. The end result is a brilliant audiovisual solution that’s perfectly aligned with your business goals. With your vision in mind, we can design video walls and other digital displays for educational, commercial, industrial, and artistic applications.

design & installation

ADVG partners with you to implement the best video system for your needs. Our unique consultative approach ensures that every client gains the invaluable insight and expertise of our professionals, who have unmatched experience in the AV industry. You’ll work directly with our team to ensure that you get exactly what you want based on your vision, your budget, and your schedule.

the AVDG difference

With AVDG audiovisual solutions, you’re getting more than a pretty display. Our collaborative technology solutions are forward-thinking and designed around the customer. Each project is seen through its full potential. We also “future-proof” our projects so that they’re easy to integrate and scale whenever you’re ready to expand and upgrade.
Contact us today to discuss the potential for video systems in your organization’s spaces, and we’ll be glad to explore each option and help you bring your vision to life.

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