digital communication is more vital than ever before - how we're helping our clients adapt

Since 1996, AVDG has transformed the way that organizations use and integrate technology. As a partner, we identify and cultivate opportunities to maximize commercial AV systems, operations, and workspaces. We collaborate with you as a partner to ensure that each investment produces the greatest return, designing commercial AV solutions that will sustain the future of the business and the work environment.

our clients

For more than 20 years, we've had the privilege of partnering with some of the world’s most prestigious and innovative organizations. We partner with companies of any scale to help improve their technology, efficiency, and operations.

our footprint

  • 3150 +

    intelligent office designs
  • 3800 +

    & video
    distribution systems
  • 2700 +

    digital display systems
  • 325 +

    premium video
  • 275 +

    commercial climate control
  • 1650 +

    video conference rooms
  • 100 +

    corporate buildings
  • 300 +

    motorized window treatments
  • 2050 +

    digital signage displays
  • 575 +

    office security systems
  • 300 +

    retail establishments
  • 450 +

    lighting control systems

digital workplace

For today's teams to thrive, they need reliable technology that helps them move faster and stay connected. AVDG's digital workplace solutions provide the support that hybrid teams need, helping them communicate, collaborate, and stay productive, on site and off.
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connected workplace

The foundation of a connected workspace begins with an integrated office. AVDG is innovating the connected office with fully integrated technology ecosystems that automate conference-room AV, lighting, shading, and other technologies.
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Conference Room

meeting solutions

The modern organization has a variety of virtual, in-person, and hybrid meeting needs. AVDG specializes in robust meeting solutions that include state-of-the-art sound, video, and conferencing technologies for the office and remote employees.
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unified communication

Fast-moving hybrid organizations require multiple streams of communication – without having to jumble through numerous disparate platforms and devices. AVDG's unified communication solutions streamline these tools into a single interface.
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digital signage

digital signage

With a wide range of digital signage solutions from AVDG, you can communicate with clients or customers, as well as your staff, in a dynamic and engaging way. We’ll help you illuminate your message by capturing attention and imagination.
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Video conferencing

collaboration spaces

In today's office environments, seamless collaboration in person and over video is more important than ever. At AVDG, we work with our partners to develop state-of-the-art meeting and video conferencing spaces, including hybrid applications.
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virtual classroom technology

academic solutions

In the ever-changing academic environment, colleges and universities must be equipped with the necessary technology to keep their students and faculty fully engaged. AVDG deliversAV solutions that enhance the learning environment, whether in-person, virtual, or hybrid.
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government technology solutions

government technology solutions

Across all levels of government, agencies require reliable technology to connect, collaborate, and respond quickly to crises. AVDG's audio-visual solutions provide the communications infrastructure they need to stay agile and make informed decisions.
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Amenities for MDUs and apartment complexes | full golf swing simulator

sports & entertainment

Today's sports and entertainment venues demand robust audio-visual systems to keep fans engaged. AVDG takes the game to a whole new level with vibrant connected displays and distributed AV solutions for venues of any scale.
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