Commercial Automation Systems

Cost take-out, productivity gains, improved operation efficiency, and more—these are among the many benefits our office solutions clients enjoy when we work together to bring integrated technology to their buildings and boardrooms.
Do you know that lighting, temperature, background music, and technology-enabled access to resources affect productivity? As a business owner or building manager, you need to create an atmosphere where employees can concentrate, communicate, and collaborate, resulting in a better business. AVDG can help you achieve this all-important result.

Put Your Company on the Cutting-Edge with Smart Technology

Improve your company’s overall efficiency with exciting new smart office technology. Save money with automated office lighting control systems or an energy-efficient commercial temperature control system. Never worry about managing natural lighting again with the installation of convenient electric blinds for offices. Not only will these technologies reduce your energy expenditures, they’ll also make your office more ecologically friendly!

Custom Design for Improved A/V, Security, and More

At AVDG, our intelligent office design team aims to provide you with the right tools to move forward and innovate in new and improved ways. Let us show you how the addition of a digital display wall, commercial video conferencing solutions, digital signage displays or an office audio automation system can improve your everyday operations by making things easier through cutting-edge technology. You don’t have to be a “tech geek.” Our expert designers will walk you through every detail and teach you how to operate your new technology.
Technology doesn’t end with convenience, of course; AVDG also offers advanced office security systems. Keep an eye on everything that happens on your property with building-wide office surveillance systems. With our smart office security technology, you can even manage your business security systems remotely from any location, allowing you to check in and receive alerts via your smartphone.

Let AVDG Help You Streamline Your Operations

No matter what industry you’re in, there’s a way to make the latest technology work for you. Whether you’re looking to revamp your A/V systems and improve video conferencing capabilities or simply improve your building’s energy efficiency, AVDG has the products and services to make it happen.
To request a consultation to speak with an experienced smart office designer about your company’s needs and interests, call us today at (312) 829-9145. We look forward to helping you streamline your business!


Enjoy the results!

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