Audio & Video Distribution Systems

Smart Office Audio Video

Eliminate Duplicate Technology
With Audio and Video Distribution from AVDG, you can simply and easily play ambient music throughout your office to boost employee morale and improve productivity or set up a convenient paging system so employees and clients can connect at just the right moment. Whatever your needs, AVDG has your custom solution.
If your office has more than one meeting area, chances are you have two presentation setups, creating unnecessary costs and taking up extra space. AVDG eliminates this redundancy, and allows you to present the best face of your company in any room, without the cost of extra equipment.

office audio and video

Smart Office Audio-Video Technology from AVDG
AVDG gives you the ability to direct sound and video to any area of your office, all from a single device. Avoid those awkward moments fumbling with equipment before meetings and embarrassing technology glitches during presentations. With whole office audio and video control from AVDG, you can rest easy and eliminate these embarrassing moments.
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