AV as a Service (AVaaS) | TAMCO Shield

an exclusive solution with increased protection, flexibility and control in one monthly payment

AV as a Service is a payment program for organizations that do not want to, nor need to, own their technology solutions, but rather want the benefit in having the use of or access to the technology. TAMCO Shield protects organizations from having to spend large amounts of after-tax dollars on technology, a depreciating asset. Preserve cash flow and use your precious capital for revenue-generating business activities. Additionally, when considering the time value of money, TaaS is often the lowest cost method of procurement.

What is shield / AVaaS?

Offered exclusively through AVDG, AVaaS provides the AV hardware, support, and services you need for one monthly subscription payment. Our AVaaS subscription program provides your organization with more control, flexibility, and peace of mind than any other way to pay. AVaaS protects you from the pitfalls and responsibilities that come along with owning technology hardware. Including protection from technology obsolescence. Additionally, Audio Visual Design Group’s AVaaS offering creates a way to absorb the myriad of non-recoverable costs associated with acquiring new technology, while maintaining the ability to keep your working capital, working.

noteworthy/exclusive features of shield – AV as a Service

solution replacement guarantee (SRG)

Solution Replacement Guarantee (SRG) SRG is protection from being locked into technology that no longer serves your needs. If your solution lacks the ability to meet the needs of your business or becomes obsolete you have the freedom to upgrade to a brand new solution at any time during the term. Your existing contract becomes 100% forgiven. You do not incur penalty fees or have to roll over any remaining balances. Our exclusive AVaaS solution lets you terminate your contract and we issue you a new one for the equipment you need.

act of God / natural disaster protection

Protect your technology in the event of a natural disaster. With our AVaaS program we will pay up to $5,000 of your insurance deductible if your hardware is damaged by a natural disaster; i.e. lightning, fire, hurricane, tornado, etc.

bundled support & maintenance

With technology being mission critical for operations having the support and maintenance services you need when you need it for your technology is vital to your organization. Therefore, included in your one convenient AV as a Service payment is our support and maintenance services for the entire term of your agreement. AV as a Service makes it easy for you to focus on your business and let us support your technology needs.

the as-a-service benefits

AV-as-a-service is quickly becoming a preferred way to pay for organizations who’d rather optimize the benefit and flexibility in having the use of and access to the technology they need when they need it. With AVaaS you are protected from having to spend large amounts of after-tax dollars on technology, which is a rapidly depreciating asset. AVaaS allows businesses to preserve cash flow and use precious capital for more revenue generating business activities. Lastly, when considering the time value of money, AVaaS is often the lowest cost method of procurement.

is AVaaS the right fit for you?

In today’s subscription economy, the way we buy technology is changing. AV-as-a-service is quickly becoming the more preferred way to procure AV solutions. Traditional ownership models handcuff you to antiquated, obsolete solutions due to the rapid advancement of technology. Ownership prevents you from maneuvering in today’s fast paced market due to the lack of scalability without being faced with major budget demands. This can bottleneck your growth and hold you back. However, by avoiding ownership and having the access to and use of the technology you need, organizations can stay competitive and scale their technology and operations much easier as they grow. Therefore, if you are less concerned with ownership and see more value in the outcomes, access, and usage of your technology, AVaaS may be the right fit for you.

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