Commercial Climate Control Systems


Convenience and Efficiency Meets Energy Savings
Heating and cooling are significant expenses for any business. We make the temperature in your office smart—setting up temperature zones and even managing temperature room-by-room based on individual preferences. We tailor our smart technology systems to your needs to ensure your business has efficient temperature control around the clock.
AVDG’s smart office temperature controller features smart technology that enables you to remotely access temperature controls for your place of business, wherever you are. Manage your energy costs and maintain a comfortable office space for you and your employees with our climate control systems—no more “climate conflicts” between employees with our smart climate solutions.


Custom Temperature Control with Remote Access
Commercial Temperature Control System
For businesses like warehouses that store food items or temperature-sensitive products, climate control is critical. Our commercial temperature control systems are carefully calibrated for accuracy, so you’ll never have to worry about losing inventory.
And never worry about forgetting to shut down your temperature control system over the holidays or while you’re away again—with our smart technology, the power is in your hands. Enjoy the convenience and cost-saving efficiency that comes with a climate control system from AVDG.

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