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In the modern office environment, seamless collaboration in person and over video is more important than ever. At AVDG, we work with our partners to develop state-of-the-art meeting and video conferencing spaces, including hybrid applications. Whether across the room or across the globe, teams can collaborate with ease using intuitive AV systems.

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For over two decades, AVDG’s AV experts have partnered with organizations in a range of industries and size to develop custom solutions for collaboration spaces. Every partner has unique needs, and we’re passionate about bringing their vision to life and empower their teams. Conference rooms, huddle rooms, and video conferencing are just a few of the collaboration applications we specialize in, integrating not just AV but climate, lighting, shading, and scheduling.

featured case studies


AVDG formed a partnership with Pinterest to create a turnkey audio visual program for its offices across the globe, enabling the organization to implement its standardized systems as it opened new offices. The objective was a unified user experience, including meeting spaces and community spaces. Employees are empowered to collaborate and communicate in the growing global social media service.


AVDG was contracted to do the design-build of the audio-visual systems inside Coinbase’s new offices in the San Francisco area. The project included the design and installation of an “all hands” meeting space, boardroom, and conference rooms. The Coinbase team holds regular meetings where participants often need to connect remotely, so it was important that they be able to do so easily from any device. Equally important was the audio and video quality of the conference technology.

intuitive automation

Meeting together has never been easier. Using control systems from brands like Crestron, AVDG automates major components of the meeting experience. Participants can check the meeting schedule on site and book spaces using a touchscreen display outside the room. Once inside, the lights and shades adjust automatically. The meeting room’s technology automatically connects to personal collaboration devices, so the meeting can start quickly and effortlessly.

conferencing technology

It’s more important than ever to be able to connect with hybrid workforces using video conferencing. Using the latest in AV solutions, we equip collaboration spaces with HD cameras and microphones throughout the space, ensuring that everyone can gets an equal space at the table by being able to see, speak, and hear clearly. Participants can connect using Microsoft Teams Panels or other platforms on their personal collaboration devices, making meeting in person and virtually an effortless, empowering experience. Every moment can be shared and recorded with precision and clarity, including screens and whiteboards.

smart comfort

The room’s environment plays a surprisingly important role in a meeting’s success. Comfortable lighting and temperature reduces distraction and boosts productivity. AVDG utilizes smart window shading along with automated lighting and climate control to ensure that your teams can focus on their tasks. Control the environment on a schedule as well as with sensors based on activity and current light in the space.

ease of use

Team members don’t need to waste time connecting their devices or trying to figure out how to get the presentation up on the screen. Using Crestron control systems, for example, every component of the meeting can be easily integrated and operated. Touchscreen control panels are simplified so that teams can access and use the meeting space with ease with a few intuitive taps.

custom, scalable solutions

Collaboration spaces come in many shapes, purposes, and sizes, and AVDG is prepared to equip all of them. Huddle spaces, traditional conferences rooms, Zoom Rooms, Teams Rooms and more—we’ve worked with our partners to develop the best solutions for their unique needs. What’s more, we can create turnkey solutions that can be replicated across sites, so that you can scale operations with ease.

the AVDG difference

AVDG is an AV industry leader and has completed more than 3,000 workspaces for companies of all sizes. Our consultative approach and unparalleled expertise make us a partner unlike any other. With over two decades of experience, we employ a highly skilled team of professionals that is passionate about the best results for every project.

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