digital signage

illuminate your message

With a wide range of digital signage solutions from AVDG, you can communicate with clients or customers, as well as your staff, in a dynamic and engaging way. Using high-definition TVs, displays, stunning video walls, and more, we’ll help you illuminate your message by capturing attention and imagination.

custom design

Every location is different, and every company’s brand is unique. Communicate in your style, optimizing for your location, with customized digital signage. Our experienced team will collaborate with you to design and install your vision for any space, including in retail, offices, hospitality, dining, security, transportation, education, museums and other environments. You can expect a high-quality solution tailored to your needs and your budget.

featured case studies


As Autodesk prepared to relocate its San Francisco office, AVDG was contracted to design, engineer, and install all technology integrations across the company’s 4 new floors of commercial office space. Using direct input from Autodesk’s employees, AVDG outfitted the space with a range of solutions for Autodesk’s conference rooms, shared spaces, and reception areas.

Century Business Solutions

AVDG was selected to oversee the installation of a new video wall for Century Business Solutions, an integrated payments company based in Irvine, California. As part of renovations to its employee lounge, Century sought to install a large LCD display. But after speaking with AVDG's experts, the company realized it could upgrade to a far better LED video wallwithout significantly increasing the costs.

capture and keep attention

Your customers and staff are easily distracted in the digital age by a constant barrage of messages on their own devices and in the world around them. Our high-resolution custom video displays are a captivating way to pull customers into your storefront, welcome clients into your office, educate patrons, showcase promotions, and much more. We use cutting-edge LED, LCD, and control system technology to provide an unparalleled experience.

industry-leading video walls

Display your message boldly and artistically with video walls, which use multiple screens in one layout. AVDG specializes in advanced processors that enable you to display videos from multiple sources. A video wall is like a canvas that can showcase live feeds or prerecorded content, which can include graphics, video, and data. Our experienced team will help create the system you need for your organization’s needs, with intuitive controls that make the it easy to operate.

technology for every environment

Indoor or outdoor, rain, wind, or shine, AVDG digital signage solutions can handle the elements and deliver a beautiful display. For outdoor showcases, we utilize weatherproof technology that is optimized for display even in bright light or rain. Stand out from the competition with brilliant displays that can be customized, integrated with other technologies on site, and scaled for your unique needs.

future proof solutions

With the best brands that easily integrate with one another, you can enjoy digital signage that will provide state-of-the-art messaging for years to come. AVDG’s commercial signage solutions utilize the latest advances in audiovisual technology including control systems, HD displays, monitors, and software applications. Some of our tried-and-true performance-grade brands include Crestron, Samsung, Digital Projection, Sony, LG, and Planar.

an unparalleled experience

AVDG has partnered with hundreds of organizations for over 25 years to develop digital signage solutions across the country. From outdoor metropolitan displays to artistic arrangements in small offices, we deliver a variety of custom solutions for our clients. But it’s not just about the technology; by choosing AVDG, you get a partner that is passionate about bringing your vision to life.

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