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For today’s teams to thrive, they need reliable technology that helps them move faster and stay connected, no matter where they are. As much as 40% of the private sector plans to offer remote work options to employees beyond the pandemic, which means now is the time to embrace the digital workplace. The right digital solutions provide the support that hybrid teams need, helping them communicate, collaborate, and stay productive, on site and off.

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What does the digital workplace look like? It’s integrated with technologies that your employees already love and know how to use. Meeting-room touchscreens that allow you to check room schedules and reserve a room with a few taps. Smartboards that save notes and digitize them for everyone in the meeting. Video-conferencing cameras that capture every moment, so remote employees don’t miss a thing. All of these solutions are seamlessly integrated into the environment and with each other, making the work day easier and more efficient.

featured case studies


AVDG recently provided an extensive range of audio-visual and conferencing solutions to CommonGrounds, a coworking provider that provides workplace options for businesses and individuals. Partnering with the company, we deployed Crestron-based presentation and control systems for flex areas, sound systems in common areas, and video conferencing and presentation solutions in conference rooms in 20 locations across the United States.


AVDG was contracted to design, engineer, and install the AV components at Zendesk's HQ Executive Briefing Center in San Francisco, CA. The company’s SF headquarters represent a signature location that is a tangible representation of its brand. In partnership with the client, we developed a technology plan that demonstrated the company’s brand, culture, and customer impact, while providing an opportunity for them to host their top customers and discuss their needs.

a thriving hybrid workplace

AVDG’s digital workplace helps hybrid teams by keeping them connected, agile, and productive. We provide a range of audio-visual and automation solutions for the office, as well as robust networking infrastructure to ensure reliable connectivity across local or wide-area networks of any scale. Hybrid workforces can connect and collaborate on the fly, with zero friction, regardless of whether they’re in the office, at home, or all over the world.

robust networking

A powerful networking backbone is essential for today’s digital workplace. AVDG’s network technicians design and build networks to support IT infrastructures of any size. We deploy the latest network equipment, including Wi-Fi 6 access points, to ensure ultra-fast wireless connectivity throughout the workplace and to support robust digital ecosystems.

unified communications

Fast-moving hybrid organizations require multiple streams of communication – without having to jumble through numerous disparate platforms and devices. AVDG’s unified communication solutions streamline these tools into a single interface for voice calling, video conferencing, instant messaging, content sharing, and more. Hybrid teams stay in close contact on project status, ensuring open collaboration and more efficient workflows.

meetings for all

Meeting equity is the idea that every participant should have clear, high-quality access to meeting activity, even if they are located hundreds of miles from the board room. AVDG’s meeting solutions are for today’s remote teams, providing crystal-clear video and audio of every participant, on-site and off. 360-degree camera angles and bidirectional microphones ensure that every second of the meeting is captured.

office sweep solutions

Networked devices and integrated technologies require routine maintenance to keep them working optimally, especially if systems have been idle for a while. AVDG’s office sweeps are comprehensive technology checks that ensure all your audiovisual, conferencing, collaboration, and IT systems are working properly. We reboot systems as needed, test the functionality of conferencing systems, verify A/V outputs from cameras and microphones, check cabling for dust and damage, and more.

why AVDG?

AVDG is a leader in intelligent office design and automation. Founded in 1996, we have completed more than 3,000 connected workspaces for some of the world’s biggest companies, as well as small businesses. Our unmatched expertise and consultative approach are what set us apart. We proudly employ a diverse team of highly skilled professionals who ensure impeccable results for every project.

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