common questions about Control4 automation

on 02.07.21

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In a recent post, we provided an overview of Control4, which is a leading control system for home automation technologies.

If you’re equipping your home with smart home automation technology, Control4 devices and services are a must-have. But if you’re new to Control4, we understand you may have questions. Use the helpful FAQ below to get answers to some of the most common questions about Control4 automation.

how does Control4 work?

Control4 simplifies smart home management with devices and services that integrate automation technology. With it, you can access all of your home automation features through a single operating system and control panel. Control4 technology can be customized for your home’s unique needs, and it is scalable as needed when you’re ready to expand.

what is the Control4 Smart Home OS?

The Control4 Smart Home OS is like the central nervous system of the home’s automation features. This interface software is fast and intuitive to use. Instead of using multiple apps, the Smart Home OS app empowers you to access everything you need in a moment. Using your smartphone or another control device, you can quickly access all of your smart home features with the tap of your finger. The software operates on an open platform, so it easily integrates with home automation products from other manufacturers.

what kinds of devices does control4 offer?

Control4 is largely known for its interface devices including the Smart Home OS app, universal remotes, and touchscreen interfaces that can be mounted on your wall or propped on a tabletop. But Control4 also offers a wide range of other branded smart devices, including thermostats, cameras, alarm sensors, speakers, light switches, network hardware, and more.

do all my devices need to be Control4?

Nope! Control4 can be used to control devices from numerous other brands (more on this in the question below). If you’re considering whole-home automation, there can be advantages to creating a unified system from a single provider like Control4. But most of our customers integrate many different technologies from different brands, and the Control4 control system makes it all work together seamlessly.

what’s compatible with Control4?

Control4 integrates with more than 16,000 consumer devices from over 300 brands, and those numbers continue to grow. In addition to devices, Control4 integrates with your favorite online services and apps, like Pandora, Netflix, Apple TV, and numerous others.

can I use voice control?

Absolutely. Control4 integrates with voice-based cloud services like Alexa and Google Home, allowing you to give voice commands whenever you’re near a hub or speaker. Once enabled, you can control virtually any device or system connected to your Control4 system with your voice.

can I access my control4 system remotely?

Yes. With the Control4 Smart Home app and a 4Sight subscription, you can access your smart home features from anywhere with your mobile device. Whether you want to check the locks on your doors, adjust the lights or thermostat, access security cameras, and speakers, or open the door for a friend, you can do it with the touch of a button, on-demand, even if you’re thousands of miles away.

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