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on March 1st, 2020
AVDG conference systems with premium AV

strengthen communication

For teams to thrive, clear communication is essential. AVDG’s robust conferencing systems help them stay connected and engaged, no matter where they are. Since 1996, we have transformed the way businesses communicate with world-class conference solutions, customized to each partner’s unique needs. Discover innovative technology that promotes collaboration and brings teams together, even when they’re miles apart.

powerful AV

No business should settle for choppy or garbled AV conferencing systems. At AVDG, we deploy state-of-the-art solutions custom-built with today’s best conferencing technology and supported by ultra-fast data networks. That means crystal-clear audio and/or video for every conference call, whether there are two participants or 2,000.

reduce travel costs

With an AVDG video conference system, businesses have realized cost savings in their business travel budgets and enabled remote employees to work more efficiently. Ensuring that your conference or presentation unfolds smoothly is vital for success, and that’s where the proven experience and service of AVDG can make all the difference.

custom fit

More than a technology provider, AVDG is a partner. We work with your stakeholders to identify your specific requirements and objectives. Using that insight, our teams create a fully customized solution, overseeing all aspects of the design and installation.

for any environment

From boardrooms to live-performance spaces, we equip your organization with the technology you need for premium-quality conferencing, seamlessly integrated into your environment.

smart integrations

In addition to video conferencing, AVDG can elevate your commercial space with integrated lighting, presentation systems, intelligent design, and complete meeting-space setup. We streamline and simplify the setup process, ensuring smooth, effective conferences, supported by user-friendly technology that reduces stress and technical glitches.

partner with us

Our team is committed to delivering a dependable solution that answers your company’s conferencing needs. Request a consultation to see how we can bring clearer communication and collaboration to your organization.

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