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on 03.01.20

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360-degree automation

Competitive businesses demand systems that increase operational efficiency and support the bottom line. AVDG’s premium commercial control systems integrate numerous aspects of a business environment to create a fully functioning, cost-saving powerhouse. Streamline lighting, climate, audiovisual, surveillance, and other technologies into a single, robust automation system, customized to your space and objectives.

effortless control

Our skilled engineers and designers work with you to build a state-of-the-art control system that gives you total control of your work environment. Effortlessly manage connected infrastructure from a single interface, custom-programmed by our in-house teams.

customized and scalable

Our commercial control systems are fully customized for every partner. We carefully evaluate your unique needs and requirements to ensure a perfect fit for your building and organization. Systems are also scalable, so they can be expanded and further integrated with other solutions as your needs grow.

fully integrated

Give your operations teams the ability to effortlessly manage air-quality systems, motorized window shading, event audio systems, and more with the tap of a touchscreen.


AVDG’s control solutions can reduce energy costs by centralizing and automating disparate building systems, enabling them to work together more intelligently. Additionally, your operations teams become more efficient by eliminating the time and effort of manual system management.


All systems are professionally installed, configured, and tested by our experts. The end result is a truly turnkey solution that is fully integrated and ready for immediate use.

why AVDG?

AVDG is a leader in commercial technology automation, recognized for its unmatched expertise and consultative approach. We employ a diverse team of highly skilled professionals, engineering your control systems to your exact specifications and providing ongoing monitoring and support.

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