create ambiance and save energy with Lutron whole-home lighting solutions

on 07.15.19

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Lutron Electronics, a leader in home lighting control, offers dimmable, smart home-enabled lighting solutions to change the way your interior looks and feels. Lutron lighting systems are currently installed in private residences, offices, hotels, restaurants, museums, shops, universities, and public buildings all over the world. In fact, some of the most renowned buildings and structures—including the Guggenheim Museum, Statue of Liberty, Gateshead Millennium Bridge—feature ambitious lighting control systems from Lutron.

AVDG partners with Lutron to provide superior residential and commercial lighting solutions to our customers in Chicago. Find out how you can create ambiance and save energy with Lutron whole-home lighting solutions.

smart, dimmable lighting

Dimmer switches are nothing new. In fact, Lutron was the company that pioneered the first electronic solid-state dimmer back in 1961. Since then, Lutron has continued to build upon the original concept. Today, the company has more than 2,000 patents and over 15,000 products, making this the industry’s most comprehensive range of lighting control products available from a single brand.

Lutron dimmer switches are suitable for homes, townhouses, and condos of any size and budget. You can integrate them into your new home building project or retrofit your existing residence. Lutron is compatible with more smart home devices than any other smart lighting control brand. The solution also works with all types of light sources, including traditional incandescents, halogens, and dimmable CFLs and LEDs. This allows you to get more out of your home lighting than ever before.

Your options for incorporating Lutron lighting solutions into your home include:

  • Caséta: Considered the “gateway system” to smart lighting control, Caséta supports up to 50 devices in one or multiple rooms. The system comes with dimmer switches, wireless remotes, and mobile device control. Set up schedules, program scenes, and monitor home lighting from anywhere.
  • RA2 Select: This system simplifies whole-home lighting with support for up to 100 devices. The versatile remote allows for wireless control of individual or multiple lights simultaneously. RA2 Select is suitable for both new construction and retrofit projects.
  • RadioRA 2: This is an expanded solution for whole-home lighting control available in new construction applications. RadioRA 2 supports up to 200 devices and provides mobile control, along with custom-engraved keypads featuring beautiful backlighting. This solution also works with Lutron occupancy/vacancy sensors.
  • HomeWorks QS: Investing in this luxury whole-home lighting system will redefine your way of life. With support for up to 10,000 devices and compatibility with audio/visual systems, smart thermostats, and home security, you enjoy full control of your residence, even when you’re not there. Numerous keypad styles and customization options, as well as hidden panels that eliminate dimmers and switches on the wall, provide a stylish way to control home lighting.

create ambiance with Lutron

You perform many different activities at home. Your lighting should help, not hinder, whatever you need to accomplish. Here are some of the ways you can use Lutron whole-home lighting to create ambiance:

  • Romance: Planning a night in? Lutron makes your evening more romantic with soft, subtle lighting. Cozy up on the couch and enter cinema lighting mode with the touch of a button. Program a soft, candle-like glow for a romantic dinner for two. Or pour yourself a bath and bask in warm, relaxing light.
  • Tasks: Brighten the lighting to help you get things done. Whether you’re cooking dinner, writing a presentation, or putting on makeup, carefully directed task lighting makes all the difference. Flexible controls allow you to brighten or dim the lights in one room or across the entire house.
  • Drama: If your home has unique architectural features, or you recently purchased new artwork, bring these elements of your living space to life with dramatic lighting from Lutron. Outdoor systems are also available to illuminate garden paths and fountains after dark.

save energy with Lutron

Upgrading to a Lutron lighting system offers multiple ways to save energy:

  • Dimmable lights: Ordinary home lighting has two options: on and off. You may not want to sit in complete darkness, but you don’t want to be blinded by bright overhead lights, either. Lutron dimmer switches let you customize a lower light level, which is not only more comfortable on your eyes, but also saves energy and increases the lifespan of your bulbs.

For instance, dimming a light by 25 percent decreases electricity consumption by 20 percent and helps the bulb last four times as long. Dimming by 75 percent cuts energy use by 60 percent and makes the bulb last more than 20 times longer.

  • Mobile control: The ability to monitor home lighting from anywhere using your mobile device also presents a saving opportunity. Did you forget to turn off the living room lamp? You can check using the Lutron app and switch it off immediately if needed.
  • Motion sensors: The most advanced Lutron systems work with occupancy/vacancy sensors. You can program these devices to turn off lights automatically if they sense no movement after a predetermined amount of time.

At AVDG, we are committed to helping our clients update their homes with automated technology that improves comfort, convenience, and energy efficiency. One way to achieve this is by installing Lutron whole-home lighting solutions. Let us help you get there—contact AVDG to begin the process of integrating advanced, dimmable lights into your Chicago home.