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on 03.02.20

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a state-of-the-art-experience

AVDG’s custom home theater systems go beyond a big screen. We seek to fully immerse people in the media experience. Our specialists will transform a room with a custom design and advanced, yet easy-to-use technology, tailored to your space and preferences.

sophisticated technology

Our audiovisual experts utilize the latest features in technology and design, building a cinema-quality home-theater environment with premium-quality audio, video, seating, lighting, and remote control. Discover high-performance speakers with unparalleled sound, crystal-clear video, streamlined aesthetics, and intuitive use of space.

state-of-the-art design

No two spaces are alike, which is why AVDG is passionate about creating a custom experience in partnership with our clients. Our in-house CAD designers can even create a 3D rendering of what your home theater will look like, in addition to color illustrations.

effortless control

With the latest technology, you don’t have to worry about how to use your custom home theater system. Modify your audio, video, and lighting with simplified control from a single interface. You can even automate recordings and access your system remotely when away from home.

what to expect

Set up a free consultation to discover what our world-class designers can do to elevate your space, according to your unique vision, preferences, and needs. We discuss every aspect of the project and map out a design before we proceed with your custom installation.

the AVDG difference

Investing in a home theater system can be one of the standout features of any home. AVDG specializes in partnering with homeowners to design and install a custom system that families will love.

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