custom home theater experience | the AVDG way

on 04.15.19

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Going to the movies can be a great experience whether it’s with the family, on a date, or as a solo activity on a rainy day. However, home theater systems can provide even better experiences, and you don’t even have to leave the house. Read on if you are planning on building your dream home theater space.


Before you purchase any of the fun tech to use in your home theater system, you first must decide on the optimal area of the home to build this entertainment center. Your dream home theater probably demands a significant amount of space, so you may have few options. It is wise to situate your home theater in your basement or a soundproofed area so that other members of the household are not disturbed when the theater is in use. It also helps to find an area with few windows so that glare from sunlight does not become an issue.


There are several factors to consider when it comes to speakers for your dream home theater experience. Most obviously, you will need high quality speakers. Certain speakers tend to be better for viewing movies, while others are geared towards audio production; it helps to know the difference. You must also understand how to set up your speakers in terms of placement. Consider the distance between the speakers and the viewer, the speakers and the screen, and the speakers themselves.


The screen you choose for your home theater will depend on a few different elements, perhaps most notably the size of your space. The size of your home theater will influence the size of your screen as well as the distance it should be placed from the viewing area. The height and angle are important as well.

Is it finally time to start building your dream home theater space? Contact AVDG or visit our website. From wireless surround sound and home theater speakers to home automation in Chicago, we are happy to help improve your living space.