Cut Costs and Conserve Energy in the Office with Lighting and Climate Automation

Office Lighting and Climate Automation

What Are Automated Lighting and Climate Systems?

Automated lighting and climate systems are just what they sound like: automatic systems that control the lights, air conditioning, and heating in an office building based on programmed preferences. As a result, business owners can make managing climate and lighting systems easy, achieve maximum efficiency, and prevent the unnecessary use of electricity.
Automated lighting systems allow an individual to program scheduled “on” and “off” times for specific lights, as well as turn lights on or off manually as needed. Automated climate systems allow for the same kind of control with regard to heating and cooling.

Saving Money via Automation

Automated systems help to reduce the unnecessary use of lights, air conditioning, and heating. Offices not only do their part to conserve energy, but also cut energy costs significantly.
According to data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration regarding energy expenditures in commercial buildings, the combined amount spent on electricity by companies in 2012 was almost $122 million. Incredibly, even with so much money dedicated to providing electricity-consuming systems like lighting, heating, and cooling, only 708 thousand out of nearly 5 million electricity-using commercial buildings included any sort of automated HVAC system. An even smaller group of 208 thousand buildings used automated lighting systems.1

Comfort and Convenience

By automating climate systems, companies can make sure that employees experience a natural level of comfort in the office while maintaining optimal efficiency. Individual thermostats are easily “tampered with” or set to heat or cool a region without regard for the overall building climate. An automated system, by comparison, unites all of the zones in your building into one centrally-managed climate control plan.
The convenience of automating such electricity-consuming systems in a commercial or industrial building cannot be understated; once the lighting and climate control preferences are programmed throughout the building, owners and/or maintenance staff can essentially “set it and forget it.” Plus, many such systems are easily controlled remotely via Wi-Fi, which means that business owners can make changes to settings and turn lights on or off from anywhere, even a conference room in Germany.
Automated lighting and climate systems are especially useful for large office buildings, as it would be otherwise difficult to ensure that employees are turning off lights not in use, or that an unnecessary amount of heat isn’t being provided to an empty building during off-hours.

Automated Office Lighting and Climate Control from AVDG

If your company is always looking for new ways to reduce costs, streamline its climate control systems and create more efficient, aesthetic lighting, AVDG can help you find a solution. Plus, we offer a number of other convenient automation options, including security camera systems, wireless speaker systems, home video automation systems, and more.
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