Cut Costs by Embracing the Future: Automation for Your Home and Office

Cut Costs for Your Home
We all grew up watching TV shows like The Jetsons, where robots and computerized automatons took care of the day-to-day tasks of running the home. It’s a nice thought, but even with our seemingly endless stream of modern technological advancements it seems a bit far-fetched compared to how most of us live our lives. What many people don’t realize is that home and office automation technology not only exists, but in many cases, is actually the more cost-effective choice compared to traditional electronics and fixtures.
Everyone’s had the experience of feeling their way along the wall in a dark room, trying not to trip while looking for the light switch. Since electric bulbs were first installed in homes starting in the late 1800s, lighting control has been relegated to a bank of switches somewhere on the wall. In modern homes and offices, said banks usually include multiple switches to control multiple lights and fixtures, and there’s often a bit of a learning curve for those uninitiated with the particular room’s electric idiosyncrasies.

Intelligent Home Automation: Safety, Savings, and Surprising Perks

Intelligent Home Automation
Furthermore, anyone who’s ever coexisted with children has had the unique pleasure of following behind and turning off all the electronics they leave running, which quietly sap power from your home and add to monthly costs; Consumer Technology Association figures estimate that American households spend over two thousand dollars per year on electric bills alone.
With an automated home control system, you have unprecedented control over all of your home’s electronics with a few swipes of your smartphone, which means you never have to stumble through the process of finding a switch in the dark. It’s not just intelligent lighting, either; smart home audio video distribution puts control of all of your home’s consumer electronics and entertainment possibilities in one place, allowing you to determine what’s running and when. You can remotely control the temperature of your home, making sure it’s warm or cool enough when you get home without having the air conditioning set to ‘auto’ and eating up power all day.

Optimize Your Office and Save for What Matters

Climate Control System
Running a business goes hand in hand with a unique set of headaches that never really go away, chief among these being the question “how can we lower costs and maximize profits?” The most successful companies are the ones that are able to put money back into employee perks and benefits, making the workplace better for everyone involved. But this is easier said than done; with the overhead of running an office, maintaining a staff, and dealing with upswings and downswings in business, it can be difficult to confidently reinvest in your business without some serious money-saving measures in place.
By automating and thus simplifying office processes like lighting, HVAC, computer terminals, and door locks, business owners can shave dollars off of electricity bills, which over time add up to serious investment potential. By bringing together whole office audio video technology and office audio controls into one convenient interface, business owners and office managers can not only save money but also have peace of mind; no more computers left on overnight eating up power, no more breakroom lights burning over the weekend.
Happy employees make for successful businesses, and everyone likes natural light. Harness the power of the sun with motorized windows during the bright hours, cutting down on electric lighting and brightening your workplace; intelligent lighting and smart office technology make it possible to find the right balance of ambient sunlight and electric bulb lighting for optimum productivity, switching over automatically when the time is right without anyone having to micromanage.